Sunday, October 08, 2017

Falling Off the Potty Train

I have seen no fewer than 6 pediatric dentists for my kids and might currently hold the record for the least loyal dentist patient of all time. But how the heck am I spose-ta stay loyal when the dentist across town is tempting me with a free carnival full of balloon weapons and $25.00 gift cards if I sign up for an appointment? They got us. They got us good. 
I took amusement at the fact that my boys were given the option of any balloon animal they could think of to be made for them, but they insisted on the weapon route. Boys.
Here's that day I was really optimistic and thought, "Hey. Maybe I should potty train Lincoln."
With the help of a lot of juice, a fully functioning washer and dryer, and lots of activities to keep him hovering tile and not carpet, Lincoln was slowly making improvements in the potty department with every day we kept at it. 
As we entered week 2, he slowly regressed all the way to not giving a hoot if he had soaked pants, had 0 interest in being a big boy, and pleaded to be back in diapers every chance he got. I decided it wasn't worth the battle, so we'll give it another go in a few months. 
Because the trouble with Lincoln is he LOVES being a baby! So the rationale, "Do you want to be a big boy like Eli, or a baby like Jonah?" never worked on him because he picked diapers like Jonah every time! And when I gave up after 2 weeks and finally put that diaper back on him, he proudly  and with much satisfaction shouted, "DIAPER LIKE JONAH!" 
Lincoln gets mad if you refer to him as a big boy. He will correct you until you identify him as a baby. In fact, his current favorite part of the day is right after lunch when I take both my babies up to their naps, at Lincoln's insistence, holding them both at the same time. We have named this, "Two Babies." And he requests it by name at the bottom of the stairs every afternoon. 
Our baby, baby cracked me up right around his 5-month mark when I started to notice self-inflicted hickeys appearing on his arm. 
The kindergartners were assigned different colors to wear to school each day of the first 2 weeks of school. I was nervous when I saw pink as one of the colors on the calendar as I wasn't sure we'd have many options. Carson, my fashionista, was very into the outfit prompts. I sat him down on wear pink day and explained that red was kind of like pink, so maybe he could wear red instead. He brushed me off and excitedly ran to his room and emerged like so:
This boy house has more pink in it than I remembered! And I loved Carson's enthusiasm for it!

Jeff and I got away one perfectly weathered afternoon to go on a little bike ride.
E-li the Science out Mr. Nye, we're after you! Eli spent an afternoon doing experiments like mixing baking soda and vinegar, but also making an egg float in saltwater.
It's been cute to see Lincoln gain an interest in having friends, and we love this little friend.
Jonah's still getting lots of love and cuddles from all his older brothers.
I recently read a book called Duct Tape Parenting which I thought would have something to do with duct taping wiggly, restless boys to a chair for the afternoon for some peace, but I later learned the duct tape was for me and my mouth. While trying to implement its practices, I spent a weekend teaching the boys how to get some of their own favorite foods to give them a little bit more independence. They boys really thrived and appreciated the new skills they had acquired. And hallelujah Carson can now make his own 5-a-day peanut butter sandwiches.
We started reading Harry Potter to the older boys. It didn't take long after the Quidditch chapter before Eli hunted down our "broomstick" and a soccer ball for some reenacting.
Carson and his friend in a heated game of Go Fish.
Jeff and I can be heard at least daily mumbling, "That's a lot of boys!" I'll add my daily mumbling in here.
After 2 weeks of what ended up being failed potty training, I treated myself to a new dress and a new haircut. Can't wait to see what I get myself next time.
Our friends came over for dinner one night and Eli insisted on sitting right next to his friend Ellie.
Jonah's second home -- his car seat. If he's not asleep, this is usually where he ends up.

I made the boys tell me what they were going to be for Halloween this year and they decided on Nintendo characters. THE NEXT DAY, we saw their neighborhood friend running up the street to our house in a Mario costume. It was so funny. As luck would have it, he had an extra one because they ordered the wrong size and so Carson reaped the benefits and has since spent every day as if it was Halloween, in full costume -- even down to the white gloves, a touch he added all on his own.

I Blog, Therefore I Am.

I've fallen victim to a string of busy Sundays that left me neglecting my blog. But alas, I am here again! Fear not, young peasant!

Let's jump right in with one of those motherhood moments you envision before you have kids and know better. Doesn't every mom have hopes and dreams of her children reading to each other? I did and do and I'm loving having little readers in the house, especially when they share their love of books with the illiterates of the bunch. 
Just as one has happy visions of children reading to each other, one might also have visions of a happy family who gathers in a cooperative circle every night for family prayer. Tis not the case. No, no. Family prayer begins with screaming about who gets to sit closest to Dad while Dad assures there is room enough for all.
Our hairy baby is no more. The bald spots and receding hairlines were becoming a bit much, so we took some clippers to it and turned him into a Cabbage Patch.
There is something irresistible about crossed baby legs that makes me feel the need to document it every time it happens.
We had some fun company show up!
Lincoln and Wynne were instant besties and Newland picked right back up where he left off with EliCarson (as he used to call both of them). One night required "bedtime races" to get all the wiggles out before sleep.

Bedtime races leading to sleep was a success as is evident by Wynne's hair.

We went to Salt Lake to check out the Clark Planetarium.

Then back to the house for more playing.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Times My Kids Were Funny

Six months ago, on Valentines Day, was the last time I made spaghetti. In a last-minute effort to acknowledge the holiday, I threw some candles on the table. 

Fast forward to last week, I again made spaghetti, for the first time since our ambiance-filled Valentine's meal. Upon merely smelling the spaghetti cooking, Lincoln excitedly shouted from the other room, "We doing candles mom?!? Candle dinner?!?" 

I laughed in amazement at his memory, and when I tried to tell him not this time. He went into a panic as if he was convinced it was morally wrong to eat spaghetti without a flame nearby. 

So now you know boys, when you're reading this 20 years later, why we eat spaghetti with candles, as I'm sure this is a tradition Lincoln will insist follows us into adulthood. 
This little guy is one accidental kick away from rolling back to belly. Until then he's the great contortionist.
Jonah had his 4 month appointment where we learned he's 14 pounds, 25% for weight, 50% for height and 75% for head circumference. We also learned he had a "bulging ear infection" which was a complete surprise to me! I never would have guessed anything was wrong with the poor little fella!
 Lincoln is a habitual sampler. I get him breakfast in the morning. If anyone else wants a different breakfast than what he gets, he has to get what they got also. So he can take one bite of each. Then he watches me make Eli's school lunch. Demands a piece of everything I throw in the lunch box. Then he requests a bowl of goldfish so he can eat 2 of them. Anyway, life with Lincoln involves a lot of cleaning up plates that look like this:
Eli has discovered he can now lift Jonah without me turning into a total nervous nutcase. I still closely follow them around the house whenever Eli decides to take Jonah adventuring, and when asked about his ability to handle Jonah on stairs Eli thankfully admits, "I'm not prepared for that." Jonah generally seems amused by the teetering trips, so I just have to bite my tongue as I hope a brotherly bond is forming instead of a potential broken bone. We may end up with a little of both though.
A brother Jonah is a little more skeptical of is Lincoln. One morning Lincoln plopped down next to a once happy Jonah and started stealing all of Jonah's toys. Jonah began squawking to which Lincoln patted him on the belly and repeated, "It's okay. I'm right here." I loved Lincoln's reassuring words of "I'm right here" as that was probably the very thing causing Jonah to become distressed.
I came home from a run one morning to Lincoln mid-journey with a unicorn. He got a little bashful when the camera came out.
One Sunday we walked around the temple where Carson managed to weasel his way into the stroller seat and left Lincoln to fend for himself. Lincoln kept up and enjoyed the freedom, so this one turned out to be a win/win!

Taking a Bite Out of Another School Year

These two little fishies have of-fish-ally schooled themselves.
One fish, two fish, blue fish, blue fi--
We can thank Amazon's "Items you may also like" links for the themed backpacks this year. We clicked down a shark hole that grabbed hold of us and didn't let go. 
Both the boys were super stoked to start their first day. We had to fake Carson's first day 2 times before the real first day finally rolled around. Why must they torture kindergartners so?! I scheduled his assessment on the morning of the first day of school, then he had to wait 2 days, then do a parent/kid school day on Monday and then finally on Tuesday, almost a week after Eli had been going to school, he got his real REAL first day. Killer!
Someone wasn't about to let his lack of schooling cause him to miss out on a close up. 
Or a full-body shot. 
As luck would have it, these two little dudes ended up in the same class again!
And when I asked Eli about his first day of second grade, he threw me a big thumbs up.
Pretend first day #2 (go with a parent) rolled around for Carson and Edison who are in different kindergarten classes.
These sassy toddlers wouldn't allow us to forget their existence even if their existence is currently unrelated to the reason we were taking pictures.  They're cute enough to document no matter what the occasion...or lack thereof.
We finally made it to the real REAL first day of school!
Carson was 100% ready to wish me farewell and turn himself into an independent school goer. We're off to a great start!