Sunday, February 05, 2017

Linker Lou is TWO!!

Here's everything there is to know these days about our just-turned-2-year-old:

Lincoln and I enjoy looking through old pictures on my Instagram account together. When we got to a picture of me and Jeff at the Jim Gaffigan show, Lincoln exclaimed, "DADDY!" 

Then he proceeded to point right past Jeff's head at the teeny picture of Jim in the background. He has since done this same thing every time we look at this picture together. 
One day at lunch, Lincoln kept pulling his chair right up next to Carson's...and Carson kept inching his chair away from Lincoln with every attempt Lincoln made to get closer to him. Lincoln loves "Boys!" He follows him around all day doing everything Carson does...or at least trying to, like at the same lunch when Carson did a thumbs up and Lincoln never could quite figure it out despite his best efforts. 
I have successfully integrated a doll into our toy collection. Lincoln has accepted his Christmas present with open arms. He now always sleeps with his doll and can often be found lovingly clutching it like so. 
We have tried to be better about having family prayer and scripture study every night. Lincoln makes our endeavors worthwhile as he is often the most reverent during scripture study, then excitedly gathers pillows for everyone to kneel on for family prayer, then is always all in for our family cheer to top the evening off. 
Jeff and I alternate putting the kids to bed every night. Lincoln insists on calling the absent parent over to the stairs so he can say goodnight to them before he will go to bed. 
Unless Lincoln has snuck downstairs to say goodnight to the absent parent himself and then the parent trying to put him to bed might find him attempting to escape his fate like this: 
Lincoln is such a cuddle bug. He loves blankets and pillows and anybody who will cuddle up with him. Jeff has recently started making beds for Lincoln in unlikely places, which Lincoln accepts without question every time. 
If Jeff isn't putting Lincoln in weird, crammed places, Lincoln is putting himself there. 
He was quite pleased to have been able to cram himself into a pot one evening while I was cooking dinner. 
Is it any surprise he fits in tiny spaces when the poor kid is only in the 6th percentile for weight?! 
He continues to stay teeny even though we've tried to fatten him up with things like...birthday cake!
Lincoln loves trains so we went with a train cake for him. My cake creating skills are slowly deteriorating, but luckily Lincoln doesn't know the difference. 
On Lincoln's birthday, he woke up to balloons, german pancakes, and a new atti-TWO-de. 
We decided to *try* to go swimming for Lincoln's birthday. Through a series of unforeseen pool drainages and closures, we ended up making a pit stop at Krispy Kreme to wait for a pool that was actually filled with water to be open for the day. 
Not a bad place to kill some time!
We made it to a pool!
Maybe Lincoln with his 6% frame was freezing and merely endured the swimming outing, clutched to me for warmth the entire time, but the older boys had fun!
We did lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then back home for presents. Lincoln got 2 remote control race cars, a Duplo set and a toy computer. 
Happy birthday to our Lincoln! He is the sweetest, happiest, cutest, chillest little 2-year-old we know. He loves everyone, he's so fun to be around, and we're so glad he's ours!