Monday, September 22, 2008

Wide World of Sports

The long wait is over! After months of not blogging I am coming out of retirement to bring you this wonderful post. As some may know I am quite the sports fanatic. This time of year happens to be one of my favorites with baseball coming into the playoffs as well as football starting up.

I don't want to talk to much about the dodgers (my favorite team) and the amazing Manny Ramirez (he's amazing, because as you can see by the above picture he can make a bat float between his hands) so that I don't jinx them on their run to the playoffs, but they are currently 2.5 games ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks coming into the last few games of the regular season. This will definitely be a nail biter. Let's hope Manny and the boys in blue can keep up the good work.

On the other end of the spectrum BYU has amassed a full assault in College football. Playing 8 straight quarters of shutout football, bumping their national ranking to 11. What a sight to behold! Let's hope that they keep up the good fight and get a better bowl bid than the Las Vegas bowl.

I don't find it to important to mention SUU's football team, well because they really don't have one. They allegedly have something called a "football team," but I don't consider what said "football team" does football. But maybe someday they will get better... maybe.

Other than intensly watching the scores and looking up stats of my favorite players I am busily study for my classes and trying to find all the time I can to spend with Sarah, which doesn't seem to be much, or at least not enough. But we are happy and love each other! Till next post.

Oh, and I got a haircut

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Humble Home

Here are some pictures of our apartment. We have been painting, cleaning, and decorating like madmen, and we are pleased with the results. The walls used to be insane asylum white. The kitchen cupboards were lime green, and our inherited baby blue dresser is now jet black. We love that we got to do whatever we wanted to the place. And now it really feels like it's ours. Let us know what you think!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hanky Pank...

We got a fish! I decided to see if Jeff could take care of a fish before we start poppin real kids out. We named him Hank. There was an old ugly dresser in our apartment when we moved in, and we didn't know how to get rid of it. Jeff kept saying, "Well, if we just painted it black, I think it would look good." I brushed off his suggestions, and then one day I came home from work and he had it all painted. And surprisingly, the hideous dresser is now actually decent looking.

So now we had to find something to put on it. We walked up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart only to find candles, glass vases, and other things I don't know how to decorate with. We dragged our feet as we headed towards the exit empty handed...until I got the most brilliant idea. A FISH! Our living room is decorated with black, dark red and then we have some plants mixed in there, too. We went and checked out the fish, and then we saw him. Sweet little Hank was floating in his little plastic cup. Hank is dark red, and then we put black rocks in the bottom of his tank with a green plant, so he became that perfect decoration for us.

We have been doing a lot of painting, and fixing up around the house, so it's kind of messy right now. Tuesday is clean the house day, so as soon as I get it all cleaned and ready to go, I'll post some pictures of our apartment with our latest addition.

Monday, September 08, 2008

September 8th Already?

Time sure flies now that the wedding's over. We're already celebrating our one month anniversary! And our photographer posted our wedding pictures! He said I can share them with everyone, so click the link below, and then go to the "proofing" section, and the password is excell.

Our new house is great! Jeff and his friend Jason just put in a new kitchen counter for us last Saturday, and it looks SO much better. We'll post some pictures of it as soon as we get all the sawdust cleaned up.