Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer Check In

Jeff hopped in front of the camera for a Father's Day cameo. 
When we got to church, Carson flipped through the program and excitedly announced, "Come Follow Me is OVER?!?" I laughed for a good while after I realized where he got that idea. 
The boys got busy spoiling Jeff when they got home. They made him some brownies and even cracked the eggs themselves. They made Jeff some cute cards and were eager to help make the day special for their Dad. 
Lincoln and Jonah are heavy into the superhero scene. I often wake up to a goggled boy in my face begging to have a cape put on.

The superhero and sidekick now share a bunk bed where they quietly (and sometimes loudly) watch over the city at night. 
If you'll remember, I bravely (perhaps stupidly) painted Eli's wall orange. I never loved it orange and Eli didn't even particularly love the orange wall, so I decided it was time for it to go. After innocently scrolling through Instagram, I found a painted buffalo check wall tutorial that I knew I had to try the minute I saw it. And I had just the spot to try it out.
There was much taping, leveling, and experimental mixing of paint involved to get the look to come together, but overall it was actually easier than I was expecting it to be. 

It finally all came together and this quick weekend project was just the makeover we needed to begin the older boys' room redo. 
When you stumble across black and white buffalo check blankets at the store while you're in the middle of buffalo check painting your wall, you buy the blankets without a second thought and immediately go home to smile with your wall. 
I made the boys some new blankets for their beds, found some pillows from IKEA...
And just like that they now have a cute little place to go whenever they "need some space."

Guys, I love it. Paint a wall in buffalo check this weekend. You will be happy.

Here's a baby with a banana sitting in a fire pit because if buffalo check doesn't make you happy, this is my back up happiness inducer. 
After all that taping and painting and taping and painting and taping and painting, I snuck away to the mountains for a little recovery time. 
There was a women's retreat my friend invited me to. We hiked up to a waterfall where I learned Vegas actually has natural water and pine trees and a few snowy mountaintops. I'm already dying to go back.

Also I felt the need to publicly inform all members of the retreat that my one true love is cookies. Meanwhile Torrie loves running, but you know, what is running without cookies? :) Maybe this is why we're friends.

Children's Museum

My kids are at the perfect ages to go and enjoy some kid-friendly outings. The older boys are a little more independent and responsible, but still young enough to have a good time on our adventures, and the younger ones are old enough to walk and explore without needing my help all along the way. 

I knew we had to seize the opportunity to buy a POGO pass this summer. It's a pass that gets us into a few different locations, and it's been our secret to getting out of the house but still beating the heat. We tried out the Children's Museum and everybody loved it! 
All the boys were SO into it. It was super cute to watch. Carson diligently changed every tire on this car and fully took on the role of car mechanic while he was in this room. 

I was worried Eli would feel too old for this whole scene, but he only had a problem with it when he noticed my camera was out. Other than that, he was all about the role-playing and pretending and it was adorable. 
Carson appeared to have some kind of urgent laundry disaster he needed to tend to. 

A few minutes after Carson had finished his 20-minute safety inspection of the car, Eli went in and did the exact same thing. Dutifully changing every tire and looking over the mechanic's checklist.
Next thing I knew, Carson was a construction worker, helping to build the new Raiders stadium. 
Then it was Lincoln's turn to do a full 20-minute inspection in the car shop. They all individually did the same thing with the same thoroughness. 
Meanwhile Jonah was happy in the NICU taking care of all the sick babies. He did kidnap a few babies, but he eventually walked away without collecting a ransom so they let him stay a free man. 
Carson loves real-life babies, and he was just as gentle and loving with the pretend ones. 
From doctor to pilot, this boy (and the rest of them) did it all! 

Last up was the water room. Which thankfully we found last. It's actually right by the entrance but we somehow missed it on the way in and caught it on the way out. Great accidental planning because the kids got drenched. 
There was this fountain that would shoot balls into the air. Every time a ball flew in the air, Jonah jumped up and down with his arms in the air and shouted, "YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!! AWESOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEE!!!!" There was a crowd giggling along with him.

We had a super fun day checking out a new place! 

In-Nine Skating

I love Eli's birthday because it helps us start summer with a party! Everyone was ready to party except for Jonah who appears to be annoyed pictures were interfering with his breakfast. 

Eli got some roller blades and a hockey set. He and Jeff have started following the Golden Knights now that we're Vegas folks, so Eli's been interested in trying his hand at the sport. 
 He's also interested in trying his hand at spraying Reddi Whip.
We skated all morning and then go-karted all afternoon. 
Luckily Lincoln was allowed on the track with the big boys. He had a rocky first run, but he was a slick little rider once he got the hang of it! And I don't think you need me to tell you that the birthday boy and Carson picked it right up. 

Jonah had to sit this excursion out much to his frustration. 
But they did let him on the "Fun Slide." 
Eli and Carson got a whole roller coaster to themselves. Talk about a birthday treat!
Eli requested my family's tradition of Oreo Cream Pie. In a bold parenting move, we allowed Eli to light his own candles while teetering on his brand new roller blades.  *No children were harmed in the celebrating of this birthday. *
If you will remember, on Carson's birthday, I forgot to buy him a "7" candle and I didn't have seven individual candles, so we had to put a math equation on his cake to create his age.

I wasn't going to make the same mistake with Eli. A whole month before Eli's birthday, I bought his number candle so I would have it ready to go on June 4th. The night before his birthday, I rummaged through the cabinet to find his number 9 candle and all I could find was a number 8 candle. It donned on me that in my efforts to be overprepared, I was in slight denial of Eli's actual age and bought him the wrong candle. I can't seem to get this candle business down! Luckily I caught my mistake with enough time to fix it before the candles were lit by the bladed blazer.
It was a fun day celebrating this little dude. Eli is turning into a little man right before our eyes. We've noticed in the last few weeks that he's a lot more interested in being in on adult conversations, he is starting to get our jokes, and he's losing his interest in some of the little kid things that he used to do. It's weird seeing him grow up but fun to see him become his own person. We love you, Eli!