Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Last Hurrah

My good friend MacKenzie is soon to be a missionary in New Zealand. I decided to go up North this weekend so I could go to the temple with her for the first time. I had not been up there since August! So I was definitely due for a trip to visit my family, too. I got to spend most of Saturday with my sister and mom. We went "shopping." Which for us is going into one store and then going out to eat.

Caroline was being such a doll all day. It's so easy to make her smile.
One of my cravings hit while I was up there: Schlotzky's Deli. My sister has been very good at not eating deli meat throughout her pregnancies because I guess it can give the baby some kind of something that I don't know too much about. I had been avoiding deli meat until this trip. I couldn't kick my craving. All the moms out there, let me know if you ate deli meat while you were pregnant so I can justify myself.

Saturday night was the temple night. I just love going to the temple. I think it was my first time going without Jeff but my mom volunteered to take his place. After the temple we went to Marie Calendars. We were loud and obnoxious but it was so fun to have the roommates from Junior year all together again.

Kenz and Leslie's mom did a lot of bonding. They discovered that somehow they are related. I was trying to make connections, too but nothing ever panned out.

I am so excited Kenz is serving a mission. I know she will be a great missionary. When I was little I always told everyone my favorite primary song was "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission." Well, I didn't go on one so now I get to live vicariously through Kenz. It has been fun to see her prepare for a mission and she has been a real example to me. Kenz, I know New Zealand needs you! I can't wait to hear about the coconut trees, penguins, and companions. Congratulations! You'll be awesome.

Monday, November 16, 2009

You Might Be A Bad Wife If...

You say, "Honey! What do you want for dinner?" And your honey says, "That's weird. Why do you want to cook me dinner?"

You force your husband to drive you to the closest Olive Garden (45 minutes away) because you're having a "craving."

Your husband has to ask, "Are you going to shower today?"

You cry when your husband says he doesn't want to go mini-golfing.

When you're checking out at the grocery store with your love muffin, you realize the cart is only filled with your food preferences.

You have had nightmares of your mother-in-law chasing you around town because she thinks you're not taking care of her son.

Your husband thinks you have a secret diary of everything he's ever said so you can use it against him one day.

My parents thought I was a bit of a drama queen growing up. Whenever I was acting bratty, they always said, "Is this how you are going to treat your husband?" To which I always replied, "No. Because I get to choose my husband and I'll want to be with him." And then my dad would quote his favorite quote, "That which you persist in doing becomes easier to do. Not because the nature of the task has changed, but because your ability to do has improved." And then I probably said, "Oh please!" and ran off to my room. Well. Once again parents, you were right. Looks like I'm morphing back into that drama queen you once knew. At least I caught it before I became too unbearable. Husband - sorry for turning into the 13 year old I once was. I will try to be less of a bad wife.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chain Reaction

Here I am. With really long hair. I have been wanting a haircut for quite a while but I've been putting it off.

Here is Kelly Ripa-who I have been religiously watching on Regis and Kelly for the past 2 weeks because she is adorable.

Yesterday I thought, "Kelly has cute hair. Maybe I should cut my hair like Kelly's." I was off to the salon at 3:00.

I swore I would never give my hair to locks of love again because I always end up butchering it. I had no intention of donating it, but the lady who cut my hair said it ended up being long enough to donate after all. It's nice to finally change my do.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Sunday Comic Makes a Comeback

Yup. I bet it's no surprise, but there's a little bun in the oven. It's due on June 10th, 2010. I'm a little over 9 weeks pregnant today. We went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks peachy so far! My mom said she has to see my belly picture because she doesn't believe there's a baby in there. Well, mom, this picture isn't much evidence of my current medical status, but this is what I look like:
I think it's kind of weird when people post their ultrasound pictures because it's so hard to tell what's what. But anyway, for those of you who might care, here's the real proof:
We used this picture to tell my parents we were pregnant. I think it's cute. So here it is.
Feel free to suggest baby names! It's the only thing I can think about lately.