Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disney Trip Part 6 - California Science Center

I guess I'd better hurry and finish up our Disney trip before Jacob passes me up. Let's see...where were we? Oh yes! We were on Thursday. Our nice, calm rest day -- filled with science and learning.
Here we are on the way to our destination -- the only evidence that I was actually there with the rest of the family on this day.
We chose to visit the California Science Center because it was...drumroll please...COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! After buying 4 days of Disneying, a day of free activities sounded pretty appealing to me!

The boys seemed to enjoy themselves.

There was a real-life spaceship there which was a surprise bonus. Jeff had seen things about this spaceship online when we were deciding whether or not to spend the day here, but he was under the impression the exhibit wasn't going to be open the day we went.
This spaceship, Endeavour, was a special spaceship that went out seeking life on other planets. Much to everyone's surprise, they found life outside of Earth, and while we were at the exhibit, they gave us the chance to interact with a speciman that was saved from the grasps of intergalactic cosmic warfare:
We brought the specimen along with us and he quickly aged to the size of a 3-year old. 
Said 3-year old gathered a crowd as he played a recycling game on one of the computers. The game was simple -- sort the trash into plastics, paper, other. If you got one wrong, the trash went flying across the screen and made a funny noise. Well. Someone got a lot of them wrong. Probably on purpose but also because he has a limited understanding of recycling. He thought the trash flying across the screen was THE funniest thing in the world. I have never heard him laugh so hard. And he laughed forEVER about it! There were seriously about 8-10 people gathered around watching him get a kick out of cartooned trash bouncing around a screen.

They had special rooms for younger kids. I really liked those. The other parts of the museum were a little beyond our kids' understanding and interest, but the kid areas were really fun.
My main goal of rest day -- give the kids a good afternoon nap. I didn't expect them to fall asleep the moment they sat down in the car, but it's what happened. So Jeff and I snuck through a drive-thru and had a romantic lunch parked in some shade with the two napping noodles in the back.
When the boys woke up, we went swimming in the backyard pool, had a nice dinner, and sent Eli off to our bed for his Disneyland nightly ritual of watching Mater CarsToons on our computer. Logan couldn't pass up a Mater moment when he caught Eli vegging out.
It's not over yet! We've still got one more fun filled day at Disney to tell you all about!


Rebecca said...

I love that Eli's greatest smiles and laughs happened at the free exhibit.

That museum looked so fun. My kids would have loved it.

Kim said...

I wish you had gotten a picture of the people gathered around Eli laughing at the trash bouncing around.

Cute reminder of an adorable astronaut-themed Halloween costume from years past.

So glad your kids had a nap on rest day. My favorite thing of this post was you and Jeff sneaking through a drive-thru and having a romantic lunch with two napping noodles (those two words are what I loved the most) in the back.

Can you please drag out your last Disney vacation post because I don't want this retelling to ever end.