Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eggs-cellent Eggs-cells

You'll eggs-cuse the title of this post, right? I just couldn't resist.

Here's the final post from our St. George mini vacay. David and Mary came by on Friday morning, which meant Jeff and I were able to sneak away for a couple hours to go to the temple. Yay! (Look at my awkward hand. Ha.)
The joke of the week was that Jeff could never do anything fun because he had agreed to give a talk the Sunday right after our trip, so that was always hanging over his head. When we got back from the temple, we rounded up the kids to go to a children's museum, and Jeff once again confessed he could not join in on our fun because he had to work on his talk. Boo!
When Jeff offered to keep Carson and Coleman with him back at the house, we were suddenly A-Okay with ditching him. An afternoon without the two youngest children who were most likely to wander and be unimpressed with the museum? Sounds like a plan!
With only one little kid to keep track of, our evening out was heavenly. Eli (not surprisingly) loved this auto shop room. He would venture into other rooms, but he always had to come back to this one.

What is it about cars that has every little boy obsessed with them? I'll never know.
Hmmm. I thought I took more pictures at the museum but apparently not. It was a lot of fun! Eli loved being there with his cousins and it was the perfect baby-less outing.

We got back to find a naked Carson ready to die his Easter eggs. Carson is hilarious you guys. Whenever he is naked, you can bet he will be in this pose. Every. Time. That boy knows how to make us laugh.
Let the eggs-citement begin!
Eli and Carson were really into the egg dying process. Eli was very meticulous, and Carson was all about speed.

The next day, Mary had laid out the kids' new Easter outfits, and we played "Don't Eat Peep" while we waited for lunchtime to roll around.

We headed to the park for a picnic lunch and our Easter Egg Hunt!
Look how cooperative little children are posing for pictures when you tell them they don't get any Cheetos until they pose nicely for a picture.
This is about when Eli was debating if the Cheetos were really worth it.
After lunch the kids built sand castle masterpieces.
Time for the Easter Egg Hunt!!
This may have been my kids' first real, official, run-for-your-lives Easter Egg Hunt. I can't say they caught on right away. Carson needed help and direction the whole way through and Eli...
Couldn't suppress the urge to open every egg as soon as he picked it up. After many urges from me to throw the eggs in his basket and look for more, Eli's curiosity finally got the better of him, as he ignored my urges and opened up an Easter Egg to see what all his hunting efforts were worth.
The first egg he cracked was just an empty candy wrapper! Ha ha ha ha. He questioned the hunt after that, but I continued to urge him to scoop up eggs like his life depended on it. The rest of his wrappers were candy filled...until I started stealing his loot.
Another fun Eggs-cell Eggs-travaganza!


Rebecca said...

Love the matching shirts! The kids are all so cute in them!

Kim said...

I love the matching shirts, too.

That Mary is an awesome grandmother!! What fun things she has for the kids to do.

Loved this fun post and the play on the Excell name at Easter was awesome!!