Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You're Four!

Ever since my birthday, Eli has been eagerly counting down the days until it was all about him. We'd often hear him say things like, "First it's Mom's birthday. Then Dad. Then Carson. Then it's MYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY!" or "Mom, is it my birthday this year?" and "I want my birthday to be THIS DAY!"

The Sunday before Eli's birthday, we started getting Eli amped for his special day. We got his cake requests -- a blue number 4 that looks like a racetrack made out of cake with sprinkles in it (funfetti), and we planned the day's events -- splash pad in the morning and a bounce house in the evening. And then Eli started telling us his birthday wish -- "a really long blue gun that shoots bullets." 
Eli woke up Wednesday morning to a house full of balloons, party hats and noise makers. I think he would have been happy if those would have been his only presents.
I offered Eli many breakfast options for his special birthday breakfast, and our little cereal lover chose his standard Honey Bunches of Oats to kick off his day.
Before Jeff went to work, we had our first surprise for Eli. A little treasure I have had locked away since Black Friday...
His first real bike! He has definitely outgrown his little trike, and bike riding is one of his most favorite things to do.
Probably my favorite part of the day was when Eli hopped on his bike, gave it a little test run to the end of the driveway, and then got off, folded his arms, and stared at his bike in pure satisfaction for a minute.
We don't often ride bikes at 7:30 AM, but on Eli's birthday, I was willing to stand out front, makeup-less, in my pajamas, with snarled hair and a party hat on for the sake of watching the birthday boy soaking up his new wheels.
Then it was off to the splash pad!
We met up with my sister and Mom for a little picnic party.
Eli's favorite cousin was sure to send him warm wishes.

Then the boys konked out while we drove up to Ogden to meet up with Jeff for the bounce house.
It has been confirmed impossible to get a decent picture in a bounce house. Sprinting boys + dim lighting + millions of places for them to disappear = blurred, colorful nonsense. But I'll give you a glimpse anyway:

Then it was back home for pizza, cake and presents!

I have mothered my boys with no intention of ever giving them guns, explosives, weapons of any kind. In fact, I made it a point when Eli was younger to shield him from all things even remotely representing a firearm. So I was completely baffled when, at two years old, he came up to me with a lego creation that somewhat represented the general shape of a gun, pointed it at me and said, "pew, pew, pew."

And that's the moment I gave up on the battle of the guns. Over the last two years, sticks, my blow dryer, his pointer finger, and various other apparatuses have all been guns in Eli's eyes. So I figured since he was turning everything into a gun anyway, might as well indulge his passion with a Nerf shotgun. Picked out especially by his Dad who was notably proud to teach Eli the ins and outs of holding his first "shotgun." Meanwhile, I rolled my eyes and tried to wrap my head around the inherent appeal of guns to boys.
Next up, cake! I had every intention of buying Eli two new cars to grace his cake, but when it was the night before his birthday at 10:00 PM, and I had my first moment to sneak out to buy the cake toppers, I rationed that he has enough cars, and a quick bleach bath would qualify any of his current hot wheels to become a part of our festivities.

Eli quite possibly picked one of his most beat up looking cars to race the cake, but we went ahead and let the birthday boy top his cake how he saw fit.

Jeff had the idea to Skype with his parents while we sang to Eli. It was fun to have them be a part of Eli's day!

Another year down! Eli is such a smart, inquisitive, clever, fun, happy, determined, independent boy. He brings so much joy to our lives. Jeff and I giggle at his quotes every evening, and love watching him figure out life. Happy Birthday, Little Man.


Rebecca said...

I love Eli's face in the first picture and the one where he's standing in front of the fridge. So cute. Happy birthday Eli!

Kim said...

Yes, the expressions that little boy makes always bring a smile to my face. I love how everyone was wearing party hats first thing in the morning while riding bikes outside. So cute! Great job on the birthday cake.

I enjoy hearing Eli's quotes. They are always great.