Sunday, October 19, 2014

UEA Mini Vacay

We couldn't have planned it better. Laura had told us she wanted to go on a little vacation up our way over the UEA break. It worked perfectly because they were able to get into town just in time for our Gender Reveal Party and then stay over through the weekend.

On Saturday, we went up to Logan with them to visit Bryan and Celeste and take a little tour of the city. First stop was the temple.

The belly has officially emerged full force.
The kids couldn't refrain from rolling down the hill on the back of the temple.
Then we went to the Pepperidge Farms factory. Biggest disappointment of my life. All I wanted was a bag of vanilla cupcake goldfish and the only thing left by the time we got there was pizza flavor blasted goldfish. Rumor has it you have to go first thing in the morning if you want any of the good stuff.

The boys (I love that I don't have to change this phrasing when referring to my kids come baby three.) quickly became impatient in the factory, so we made our way outside in a pretty little nook that had a ton of fallen leaves all over the sidewalk.
The boys loved throwing leaves into the air with Kaelynn while we waited.

We figured we should pick up some pumpkins while we were at Utah's agricultural capital.

I loved Laura's rule that the kids could have any pumpkin they could carry.

We love when cousins come to visit!

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Kim said...

The temple pictures are very pretty. Love that the kids just had to roll down the temple hill.