Sunday, January 04, 2015

Post Christmas Adventures

A couple days after Christmas we went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity? Or something? Not 100% about the name and too lazy to look it up. But it was a blast!
Eli discovered his first magnifying glass while the adults discovered how hilarious it is to see a little kid try to use a magnifying glass.
Newland was a natural.
Jeff was sick over Christmas, so he needed a day to rest and get some work done at home. I recruited my mom to be Carson's chaperone and thank heavens I did! My boys were really good, but they each wanted to run in opposite directions, so it was definitely mandatory to have a set of eyes for each ball of energy.

I think the water room is the room Eli was the most content and interested in.
Eli was really proud of himself when he climbed up several scary nets to reach the airplane for a test ride.
My favorite exhibit was definitely this one:
It was my favorite exhibit because it was hilarious and also because it unexpectedly provided us with a group shot when Carson attempted to be a floating head but never could figure out how to turn the light on for longer than half of a second.
The boys also took a liking to the veterinarian room.

These pictures are backwards. Jump back to Christmas with me. On Christmas afternoon we went sledding! Fun was had by all...
Except for Carson...

It probably didn't help that I accidentally face planted Carson into the snow two times in one minute as I attempted to carry him halfway up the hill. I am pregnant and unbalanced and the ground was slippery. We toppled and he was not too happy about it. I gave up after that and sat on the sidelines with Carson snuggly in my lap as we spent the rest of the time documenting everyone else enjoying the snow.

Ben taught Eli the fun of snowballs.

Before long, Eli was fully loaded and ready to peg his unsuspecting cousins cruising down the hill.
He eventually found a cousin that was willing to join him for a snowball fight, but after one hit Eli was done with that game and ready to go home.
The day after Christmas we thought it would be fun to test out the new scooters and play a few Reindeer Games.

The two littlest boys kept escaping to play in the snow. They were being too adorable to coerce back into the gym though, so we let them be.
My dad had just had shoulder surgery, but he pulled himself together long enough for the games.
We played the reindeer version of Duck, Duck, Goose and Musical Chairs which were my two favorite games of the morning. It was hilarious to see Carson and Newland try to catch on to the rules of the games.


Kim said...

You got some great snow action photos. Loved seeing them since I didn't venture out in the white stuff.

Our accidental group photo shot at the museum made me laugh.

Rebecca said...

I love the accidental group shot. It looks like baby #3 is poking his head out trying to catch a glimpse of the world.

Love Eli's rosy, rosy cheeks in the snow pictures. The picture of Newland and Carson playing in the snow is adorable. I didn't realize that was where they were going.