Sunday, August 09, 2015

Super Fun Trial Run

We went to Lagoon last Saturday. Or as we like to call it -- Disneyland Practice.
We've been having a great debate of how many stroller seats we need to plan for at Disney. We did not calculate Madison into our stroller/bum ratio. See. It's a good thing we did this trial run.
Eli and Spencer have dibs on each other as ride buddies.
Caroline dibsed my mom as her ride buddy, but quickly learned she'd need to assign herself a new partner because Grandma is our trusty baby holder!
Which is nice for me because I've become an official baby holder too. We learned amusement parks are harder to navigate than we had considered with an infant in tow. I'm hoping Disney has a few more rides Lincoln can participate in than Lagoon did!
Three peas in a pod. If the ride had a steering wheel, they were there.
Shortly into our day, Lincoln became glazed over and quickly crashed. Hoping he remains narcoleptic through our Disneying.
I can see my future flashing before my eyes.
My mom can see her life flashing before her eyes.
Lincoln remained perfectly content to stare at the inside of his stroller for the majority of the day. Bless him.
Halfway through the day, we were amusement park pros. The boys had *mostly* learned to wait their turn in line. They had *mostly* learned to stay close to us. And they had *mostly* not had any potty accidents.
Carson has this fundamental problem where if he needs to go #2, he gets really darty. He'll ping around until he finds the perfect place to hide. And then he vanishes. So his afternoon urges became slightly hazardous to his well-being as he kept trying to disappear which is the last thing you want your three-year old to be attempting to do in a crowded area with zooming roller coasters.

Please sleep this easily for the next two months. Or years. Or decades.
Eli claims his favorite ride was "The Octopus Ride," but if you had me guess, I would have said bumper cars. We did this ride on repeat for a few solid hours.
And when we weren't on bumper cars, we were over at the other cars. Boys and motors.
Carson is in-sane. He will plow through a 50 foot line of complete strangers without reservation. We may have to do a few more rounds of mock line waiting before making the Disney plunge.
We had a great time practicing for Disney!


Rebecca said...

Cute pictures! I think you took more pictures of my kids than I did. Yes, please do count Madison as one of your own while we're at Disney.

Kim said...

You did take some cute pictures. My photo documentary of the whole Lagoon experience is totally lackluster to say the least. I got a decent one of the Golden family in their matching t-shirts. I got a few of some of the kids and none of the rest of the family members.

So, I'm glad to see you pulled your camera out at some great moments. I'm even more glad to read all about it since you write so entertainingly well.

You gave me some laugh-out-loud moments: Disneyland Practice, stroller/bum ratio, Caroline dibsing me...etc., hoping he remains narcoleptic through our Disneying, the *mostlys*, Carson getting darty, or decades, boys and motors. So much great stuff!! Love to read your take on life--especially life with your boys.