Sunday, January 03, 2016

A Winter Wedding

Every time I asked my mom anything about the upcoming Ben and Haley wedding, the thing she always came back to was her frustrations at not being able to find an outfit. Seeing as I'm the only Thomas girl who enjoys a trip to the mall, I made my mom go shopping with me one evening to hunt for all things burgundy/green/cream. 

We took some pictures along the way to send to Haley for approval. Here we have my mom in a tender mercy burgundy skirt that we happened to find on our way to the fitting rooms after having little luck finding skirts in the right colors. I loved it on her right away! 

I found a super cute burgundy sweater thing that I'm wearing in the picture that I also fell in love with instantly. Little did we know, we had found my mom's outfit first try between that skirt and the shirt that I'm wearing in this picture. It took us several rounds of mix-and-matching between several other stores before we finally thought to put these two pieces together.

We sent Haley a picture of us in matching shirts to give her a scare. 
As we were leaving our shopping spree, I said to my mom, "This was probably the highlight of my year...and I had a baby this year." 

Okay, okay. A night of shopping really didn't out-highlight the birth of Lincoln, but it was so fun to spend the evening giggling and shopping and chatting and spending too much money with my mom. 

In no time, it was wedding day! I spent every free minute of the three weeks leading up to the wedding strategically planning my boys' outfits. I love every opportunity for a color coordinated family picture, so I made it my goal for the evening to get a picture of us for our Christmas cards this year.
The boys had other ideas...

I finally accepted that my perfectly color coordinated family picture was NOT going to happen after one too many failed attempts. Sniff.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the cuteness that is my mom in her A++ hip, modern, classy and on-point mother-of-the-groom outfit?
Here we have Eli still strongly opposed to getting his picture taken. Huff.
Can we now take a moment to appreciate the ties I made for the little boys? They rocked those things.

In a moment of parental bravery and trust, we let these three boys sit by themselves at a table for dinner. There was only one screaming incident and no major spills, so I'll count that as a success.

Once the boys were fed, they spent the rest of the night quietly tucked in a corner with every electronic device we could muster. 

Until it was time for cake which caused them to emerge for just long enough to quickly inhale their desserts.

Here's that time I said, "Mom and Dad, let me take a picture of you. Oh wait, Jeff is in your picture. Jeff, get out of the picture..."
The setting was dreamy. The couple was beautiful. The colors were perfect. The night was lovely.
Lincoln and Wynne had a friendly reunion grabbing each other's faces and accessories.

Maggie was my #1 baby holder. 
More gaming.
It was a lovely day. Congratulations, Ben and Haley!


Rebecca said...

You got so many great pictures of the boys! I mean...the non-posed ones of them gaming. The posed family pictures do leave a little to be desired. I'm dying at Eli's face in the first family photo. Ha!

Kim said...

I am very glad you were snapping pictures throughout the evening and that you shared them with me. Thanks so much!

It was nice to have a recap this morning of the wedding a month ago. Great memories of us shopping together. I am really thankful for my personal shopper/stylist who helped me find a very suitable outfit for the wedding. Thanks bunches for that help!!

I think everyone did a great job putting together lovely, suitable outfits for the wedding. Yes, the little boys were definitely rocking the ties you made for them. It was fun watching them having a good time together--whether out on the rocks, eating together or gaming as a group. Cousins are cute!

My favorite photo (aside from the family group shots) is the one of Jeff photo bombing us. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Funny Jeff!!!!