Sunday, March 06, 2016

Kid Creations

I have been so pleasantly surprised recently with the boys' newfound interest in coloring/writing and drawing. I love seeing the things they come up with. One afternoon, the boys found I had just bought some new crayons and markers. They decided to do "teamwork" pictures together where they both worked on the same paper to make a picture. Carson frequently shoved Eli out of the way to get to the markers, but they were on such a buzz from the new writing utensils that no one shrieked a complaint the whole time. 
It's been fun to see Eli learn how to read and write. I loved his spelling of Utah on one of his homework assignments:
Best toy I've ever bought was these pearler beads. The boys are still going strong with them!
One morning Eli was frantically scribbling a letter to his imaginary robot friend Thundercrush. He had Jeff put it in an envelope and then Eli wrote instructions on the envelope so the mailman could find Thundercrush.
100-2 - address
SaDRrash- Thundercrush
"Look for the yellow robot."
"He can be anywhere."
"He is at a battle."
Carson has impressed me with his interest in the alphabet! He sees Eli working on his homework, spelling and reading, so Carson wants to be doing all that stuff too. He knows all his letters, all their sounds, and he's starting to recognize what letters words start with. 

One week he worked really hard at mastering writing his name. I thought it was so funny when I went to see how he was doing and found he had written his whole name right -- but completely backwards. 
I love Carson's artwork. It's a little bit Tim Burton-ish. He has his own style that I find completely endearing. This picture is from a while ago. It's a picture of Christmas morning. The person on the right is surprised to see a present and the person on the left got a big pile of coal. With hot lava underneath them. Obviously.
Eli drew this one. It's Eli, Carson and Lincoln waiting at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning. 
It's so fun to get a glimpse into the boys' minds through their artwork and writing. They crack me up and I love to see the things they come up with!


Rebecca said...

The paper plate artwork is to die for. So adorable!

Kim said...

So cute how Eli sounds out words--especially the directions on the envelope. Kid art is always a delight.

LC said...

Aw! These are SO cute! I LOVE Carson's pictures. And I'm impressed with his letter knowledge!!
I LOVE when you update your blog! <3