Sunday, June 12, 2016

We Had a Yard Sale (Again)

I'm approximately forever behind on this blog, so we're doing a little bit of ketchup here. Over the last three months, I can't go down to my parents' house without a load of junk. When Jeff goes down with me, it's a trailer load of junk. Carson enjoyed sitting outside on our recliner in the trailer for at least 1 solid hour while Jeff and I packed things up. 

Pinterest got a hold of me and left me with this undying urge to remodel our kitchen table. As if painting every inch of paint wasn't enough of a project, yeah, let's throw making a new kitchen table on top of it! Jeff had it done in no time and I LOVE the way it turned out. Everyone comments on it when they come over. It's gorgeous.
I'm not kidding when I say we painted EVERYTHING. Even the deck got a makeover one hot afternoon. I have this problem where I think of a home renovation project and imagine it being completed as quickly and as easily as the idea is born. Like for the deck, as I imagined this project, I literally pictured splashing a paint can onto the deck, and it magically transforming into a perfectly painted masterpiece. Twas not the case. There was heat. There was sweat. There was sticky, goopy paint. There were spiders. And bees. And kids. Four hours later with non-stop speed painting from me and Jeff (and thankfully a long nap from Lincoln) the job was finally complete. And totally worth the effort after we downed a well deserved Slurpee. 

One day in the car, Carson piped up and said, "Look! It's Master Yoda!" We looked everywhere to try to spot the Yoda Carson was referring to until he directed our attention to the clouds. We all instantly saw it and got a good laugh out of it.

This is how Lincoln jumps on the trampoline.

What he really does is he'll jump twice and then purposely fall over and then lay there for a couple seconds and then do the whole routine again until the boys join him and scare him off the trampoline. My theory is he's practicing his crash landings so he can safely withstand the older boys' bouncing.

I was cleaning out our house for the move...which resulted in deciding I needed to have a yard sale. Carson loved rummaging through all my forgotten belongings with me.
Before long we were in business for our second (now) annual (but hopefully the last for a while) yard sale tradition. 
I explained to Eli that he could sell his toys for money and buy a new toy! He got busy gathering all the junk toys I had brought, asked for some paper and a pen, and then swiftly wrote a note that said, "Not for sale." Hahaha. He's kind of a hoarder, but we love him anyway. 
Lincoln got busy cruisin' the hood with his cuz. 

Soon followed by a yard sale coma once nap time had come and gone.
Brooke was selling Otter Pops. My sister convinced her she needed to come up with a jingle to push the product. After a little teamwork, the tune, "If you're feeling hot and you wanna stop, then stop right here for your Otter Pop!" was being shouted to every innocent passerby. My boys still sing the jingle, so I'd say it was definitely an effective method of marketing. 
We used Jeff's dad's trailer to haul all our junk to the yard sale. It doubled as a kid pen throughout the day. 

Three cheers to the creeper in the back for hosting another yard sale for us. She had nothing but Otter Pops to sell, but she still let us crash her neighborhood sale so we could dejunk before our move. 
It was a successful yard sale and helped get us one step closer to the big summer house shuffle.

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Kim said...

Laughed out loud at Carson sitting in the recliner which was sitting on the trailer. Funny kid! The yard sale looked like so much fun it almost makes me wish we had been there with you. As always, you tell a great story.