Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Great Escape

We're all together again, we're here, we're here!
We explored some tide pools as our first outing. Some of us explored the tide pools with our feet. With a splash. Unintentionally. 

I saw an octopus tentacle so that was cool. I'm sure there were other things visible to someone who knew what they were looking for, but unless it was the size of an octopus and someone blatantly pointed it out to me, it was all just ocean water to me, but pretty ocean water. 
Of all the ideas presented for our Friday activities, I did not really expect that going to an escape room would be the most widely accepted proposal, but boy am I glad it was! 

The minute I saw Kaitlyn and some dude get locked in a room (no, I'm not talking about the fantasy suite here) on The Bachelorette, I immediately said to myself, "I have GOT to try that!" (Again, referring to the escape room and not the fantasy suite.)

Little did I know my dreams would soon come to fruition with the escape room power team! 
Knowing that the room we were waiting to escape from was superhero themed makes our above and below poses a little more clear. 

The guy who locked us up warned us, with hints of skepticism towards us and our abilities, that only 19% of groups manage to escape, the fastest record was 23 minutes (by 4 smart-college professors), and basically, we didn't stand a chance.

While our pre-locked-in-a-room shenanigans and first impressions may have undermined our intelligence, we proudly broke free from the room with 27 minutes to spare. Though had you thrown us in there without Ben, my Dad, and Haley's mom, the remainder of us would still be in there.

Now let's take a moment to appreciate Abe.

We had a nice dinner to celebrate our victory and laugh until our sides hurt.

The next day included the main event! Saturday was Ben and Haley's sealing in the San Diego Temple. We scheduled a morning Drybar appointment to see what all the hype was about and to get a little dolled up for the day.

After dinner, Tequila Factory. This is my favorite group shot. Let's give my mom a round of applause for mastering her selfie game to THIS level. 
With the rainy days behind us, the sun out, and the temperatures warm, we enjoyed an afternoon out on the frisbee golf course. 
When I think of frisbee, I think of the one summer Abe was home from college without more of a job than begging me to toss a disc around with him every evening. Even with my frisbee practice, you still would have guessed I'd never seen a frisbee before in my life, especially when compared to the hard-core frolfers that walked among us. 

Apparently we were at the best frisbee golf range in the nation? Allegedly? All I really know is we were surrounded by hardcore frolfers who had bags full of frisbees making me feel mildly inadequate with my clearly marked "RENTAL" disc. But when I posed like this, I felt much more experienced. 

Ben made the unfortunate mistake of telling us he begins every work day leading his team in a morning cheer. Before he fully understood the consequences of what would happen once he showed us what a morning cheer looked like, he played into our demands to allow us to experience a morning cheer. Well. Every chance we got after that, we circled around Ben to cheer off to something. We cheered off to "Tide Pools!" in the parking lot of the tide pools. We cheered off to "VICTORY!" upon breaking free from the escape room. With all the power we possessed, we resisted the urge to cheer off to "ETERNITY!" in the temple. It became an hourly occurrence and all but one seemed to thoroughly enjoy the morale boosting exercise. 
Then it was departure day. Tears. 

Our dreams of chowing down on chocolate covered strawberries on the beach watching the sunset never came to pass, but we did make it to the beach minus the strawberries and evening sky.

Lunch at Gregorio's before my mom shipped us back home. *Neither of us spilled our water*

The whole weekend was a dream. There was nothing I would have changed. It was so fun and refreshing to get a little escape for a few days (plus an extra escape within the escape) with a few of my favorite people. It was hilarious to remember how goofy everyone is when we're all in the same room. It was all just the best.

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Kim said...

Oh Sarah, how I love your descriptive writing.

I laughed out loud at the Bachelor fantasy suite reference.

True statement about most of us would still be in the escape room had it not been for the three brainiacs of the bunch.

Thanks for the shout-out for the great selfie photo.

Your frisbee face makes me laugh.

The Ben cheers were hilarious--with another laugh-out-loud moment of resisting the "ETERNITY!" cheer. So funny!!

I love the sibling photos. Such a fun reminder of a fun time together. We belong to a very great family!!