Monday, September 03, 2018

Eli's Baptism

We've hit a major milestone with our oldest being old enough to be baptized! The Cox Crew came to share the day with us. I died when I told them to line up for a picture and they perfectly positioned themselves tallest to shortest.
When the Bishop asked Eli why he wanted to be baptized, Eli said, "Because it's part of Jesus Christ's plan for me." The Bishop said that was the best answer he's ever heard from an 8-year-old. We love our spiritual giant. 
Eli's only specific request for his big day was to have skewered donuts to make an "8." That worked out great because I was scrambling for centerpieces last minute and these turned out to be just the thing to spruce up the tables. 
Grandma and Grandpa Excell were able to make it in person and Grandma and Grandpa Thomas made it digitally. We were allowed to Skype my parents in for the program!
Upon overhearing I was short decorations and with it getting down to the wire, Brooke kindly created some darling decor to display. 

We are grateful for everyone who came to help us support and celebrate Eli's decision. It was a special day for a special boy.


Kim said...

Eli is so adorable and sweet and spiritual. I love the things he says. We can learn a lot from him, that’s for sure!

The skewered donuts in the shape of an 8 made me smile. How cute. I love that is what Eli requested.

It looke like there were also some of Nani’s brownie bites. Cute photo of you two girls and Nani munching down on them in the kitchen.

Rebecca said...

Love the photo of us devouring brownie bites!

Eli is just the best. His sensitivity to gospel principles is admirable. My favorite part of the baptism was when Eli greeted us all at the door and shook our hands. He just looked and acted like a little missionary. Adorable!