Thursday, November 13, 2008

If You Had A Bad Day...

A few days ago, my Spanish teacher told the class that she keeps a picture of Fabio in her desk. He is there for her bad days, so she can pull him out and just have a good laugh.

She got me thinking about my remedies for a tough day, and this is what I decided helps the most.
I recently discovered this website called It's great! Free samples. Nothing brightens my day like free stuff! Even if I don't need it. It's free!

My second guilty pleasure is frozen yogurt. One of our friends told us Maverick has this really good frozen yogurt, and you can get as much as you can fit in the bowl. I think last month we went at least 10 times. This one is more for a really stressful day. There's nothing quite like fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt after 3 tests followed by an 8 hour shift of work.

And who better to put a smile on your face than good old Tyra Banks. After 3 classes, I have a break from 11:00-11:50. By the time I get my lunch fixed, there isn't enough time to do homework, so I usually take a little TV break. Especially now that I know Tyra is on every weekday at that exact time. Oh. The Tyra Banks Show is such a nice break from school because you need NO brain power to watch it. Tyra is the least intelligent talk show host I have ever watched, which is probably why I keep watching. Tyra can fix any bad, stressful, or exhausting day. Just watch the videos below. It's only a taste, but it's Tyra at her best.

And if NONE of those work. This does. Knowing I'm not the only one terrified of cotton balls.


Rebecca said...

How in the WORLD did you find that clip of the cotton lady? Everything she said I could TOTALLY imagine you saying. My favorite parts were, "It's evil" and "The sound!"

I'll tell you what was evil--the Maury show dressing a guy up in cotton and chasing her. How mean!

sarahthomas said...

Fate brought me and the cotton lady together. And Maury is evil. I couldn't believe they not only dressed 1 man up as her biggest fear, but 2! I'll have you know it's a happy ending, though. I found the second half of her story. Maury had her hypnotized and cured her of her cotton troubles. Maybe one day I'll make it on the show.

jlthomas said...

My favorite part is that her 8 year old chases her around the store with cotton balls if he doesn't get what he wants.

So am I going to have nightmares of the cotton ball man or visions of Fabio?

Thanks Sarah, great post! By the way Tyra is quite the talented songwriter

jlthomas said...

The best part is Maury cackling in the background as she is living out her worst fear. Is that show for real?

Glen said...

My favorite part was hearing your mom laugh as we watched the cotton lady.

Rebecca told us tonight to watch your blog and it was hilarious.

One question... Who would ever spend 1 second of their life watching Tyra? Total waste of time, energy, electricity, etc. etc. etc.

Cade & Leslie said...

maury. haha. me and cade watch that far too often.

oh the perks of having bunny ears on your tv and no cable!!