Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank Heavens

Today in church, Jeff leaned over to me and said, "Oh, by the way, at Thanksgiving dinner, my family goes around the table and everyone says something they're thankful for." Since we will be spending Thanksgiving with Jeff's family, I decided to start thinking about some of the things I am grateful for...

I could always play it save and go with the cliche answer of "My husband!" Jeff is way too good to me. He cooks me breakfast on Sunday mornings. He tucks me in at night. He brings treats in to me while I'm at work. He is even patient with my crazy birth-control caused mood swings. I truly am grateful for Jeff. He's the cheese of my macaroni, the Biden to my Obama, the sunshine to my rainy day. But of course this is what the family would expect me to say.
So I could say I'm grateful for the Civic. It was a free car. And I have been meaning to share my gratefulness for it with the world. If it wasn't for that car, I would be walking to work every day, or we would be in debt another $5,000. So it has been a major blessing to have the Civic. Thank you so much Abe and Klarissa! And thanks mom and dad for bringing it down to us.

Or I could say I'm grateful for my job. Even though I never get to see that cute little husband of mine, Jeff and I are very grateful to both have jobs right now.

I could always mention Runescape. Because I know Runescape is going to make Jeff and I some big money one day. I could talk about, Chuck Norris or Dwight Schrute because they all bring significant amounts of joy into my life. Ah. I can't wait to see what I come up with. And Happy Thanksgiving!


The Stevens Family said...

You 2 are so cute! I love the cheese to the macaroni!haha! That definitely fits you guys! :)

Susan said...

Sarah, I know I am blog stalking..but I love your blogs. It gives me a whole new insight on you. I now know how creative, smart, funny and wonderful you are. (More wonderful, than I thought)
I am grateful you work at the Abbey Inn