Saturday, January 03, 2009

Double the Christmas Double the Fun

It was such a good Christmas this year! Nobody told me that one of the benefits of being married is getting to celebrate Christmas twice as much as I celebrated it before. We started out on Jeff's side of the Family with Christmas Tea and Recital. Everyone performed a "talent" and then we drank wassail and played Christmas songs on the bells. A few days later Jeff and I went over to Jeff's parents' house to have our own little Christmas before Christmas with his parents. Jeff's mom gave me some toe socks that I promised to wear on Christmas Day. They were comfy, Mary!

Then it was up to my parents' house for a few days. I decided to clean Hank's tank the morning we left. To make a long story short...I killed him. I wanted the water to be nice and warm for him while we were gone and...well...I might have made it a little too warm because he was dead within about 10 minutes of transferring him to the new water. Sorry Hank. My sister told me about this YouTube video when I told her about poor little Hank.
We had the traditional Ward Family Christmas Eve Party followed by playing a lot of Wii with my cousin Bryce. And my mom let me and Jeff do the shopping for our Christmas morning candy this year.

After opening presents Christmas morning, we played games the whole rest of the day. It was the perfect Christmas. And it was so great to see my family. My dad cooked prime rib for Christmas dinner, and my mom cooked us some of her famous home cooking.
When wii got home, wii decided there was something else wii really wanted for Christmas. So wii gathered up all of the money wii had been given, which was just enough money for one of these:


Rebecca said...

You got a Wii? You are crazy! There go what little was left of your good grades...

On a happier note, I'm glad you found the Lucky video.

Cade & Leslie said...

First of all,
you are a fish killer.

I warmed Nina's water a little more than usual too before we left, but i did it with tender love and care. No death to be found. however, she is a pretty resilient fish. she often goes without food or attention for days on end. I don't think she'll ever die.


you got a WII! wii are so jealous you clever little marketer. "wii" so clever. anyway. I want one.

That's all.

Love ya bye

The Stevens Family said...

You guys got spoiled! A WII!!! Thats so exciting. Sorry to hear about Hank... maybe it was just his time to go. Maybe you should add another addition to the fam... ;)