Sunday, August 30, 2009

Party Time

Last Monday we were able to go out to Enterprise to celebrate Austen's birthday. Here's the birthday boy himself. You might not have recognized him, though.
New baby Dirk, Bryan, and Mary
Jeff and David
Tana in the distance, me and Dirk.
And this beautiful thing is the dinosaur cake Tana made. She is a cake making extraordinaire, and has inspired Mary and me to enroll in a decorating class next summer.
Thanks for the fun party! And happy birthday, Austen!


The Cox Crew said...

Glad you went out there. It looks like fun. Cute pictures

Kim said...

You and Mary will love taking a cake decorating class. It's fun to make cute and clever cakes for kids' birthdays. Great idea!

Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

Thanks for coming, I love the picture of Austen. You really will love taking the class, it is fun.