Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yankee Meadow

We were very gender stereotypical. Jeff put up the tent.
I made the bed.

Jeff built the fire.
I tried to take artsy photos.

Jeff scared off the bears.
Jeff fished.

I just did what girls do: sat and tried to look pretty...and get a tan.
It was a fun weekend! I surprisingly liked camping. Leaves me wondering if maybe my siblings were right all along. Maybe I am adopted.


Ben, Tana, B.A., and Dirk said...

Ah camping. . . I am so jealous, camping billy hasn't been around once this year, poor, poor billy.

Rebecca said...

I was so hoping for a resurrection of Sunday Comics. Good post, regardless, I suppose.

The Stevens Family said...

it sounds like you had fun! Getting a tan while the boys do boys things is the best! :) lol! J.D. said it was your first time??? You Go Girl!

David and Mary said...

Your camping trip looked fun. Thanks for watching Drop Dead Diva with me! Maybe we could be Camping Divas!