Saturday, August 21, 2010


Do I consider myself a crafty person? No. Heavens no. I lack the attention to detail and the patience for perfection. I hate measuring, making things exact, and trying to create my own color palette. But with a lot of empty walls, and a limited budget, I have been crafting thrifty crafts over the last couple of months. 

When my mom was in town helping us with Eli and also helping us get our house put together, she showed me the art of "grouping." Ever since then, I have had grouping on the brain and every blank wall I saw in my house made me envision picture clusters filling the empty space. It all started with Eli's room. All of these ideas came from craft blogs. I wish I was clever enough to have come up with these myself, but I'm not. 

Eli's room was simple enough. I then saw a huge empty wall in our bedroom and decided to do something with it. Our bedroom has always been a slew of odd colors, so I had a hard time knowing what color of felt to use for the wreath. Blue was kind of a weird choice, but I ended up spray painting those frames yellow and now I actually really like the two colors. 

We got a little spray happy and spray painted around my mirror as well. I had been wanting to paint that mirror for a while, and I guess we can always paint it again if we don't stick with these colors.

Next up: Kitchen. When I saw this dollar store creation on a blog, I knew it would be perfect. I love the way it turned out.

I have loved having little projects to work on in my free time. I just noticed a big empty wall in the bathroom...we'll see what I can come up with next!


The Chappells said...

a girl from my home town does a website called all things thrifty. She has cute ideas sometimes if you get bored check it out.

Rebecca said...

Cute! The wreath turned out looking great! How much fabric did it take...?

Jeff Excell said...

Becky, I don't know how much it took but definitely not as much as Sarah anticipated, she bought 5 yards of blue felt. So if anyone needs blue felt we have plenty.

sarah said...

I just measured the remains of the blue felt. 3 yards. I could have saved myself $15.00 if I wouldn't have listened to a certain sister.

Kim said...

Sure glad you blamed your sister for that costly "mistake" instead of your mother! Maybe there's a idea blog for you to use up all that extra felt.

All of your craftiness looks so cute. I'm impressed you actually followed through with making that wreath. I like that you painted the mirror yellow to match the frames.

The kitchen did need something on that wall and you have created some great and appropriate things to hang there.

My favorite, though, is the wall grouping above Eli's crib. That is just so precious and sweet--especially the picture of Eli getting kissed by his parents. He will always have evidence of how much he is loved.

Rebecca said...

It looks like now you need to scour for inspiration.