Thursday, August 22, 2013

Did He Just Say...?

One day while drawing, Eli was frantically scribbling nonsense all over his paper. Then he looked up to talk to Jeff. While he wasn't looking, his marker touched the paper and made a teensy tiny little mark. Upon noticing the mark he unintentionally made, he leaned in close to inspect it and then dramatically yelled, "Oh no!!" Like his whole masterpiece was now ruined, and like all the previous scribbles were so intentionally and meticulously drawn.
While driving in the car:
Eli: Mom. That thing looked shark.
Me: I think you mean shar-P (accentuating the "P" sound).
Eli: Sharkep?
Me: No. Shar-PPP.
Eli: Oh. Shark Puff.
We just moved Carson into Eli's room (post to come on that later), so this happened at 3:00 in the morning on the second night of their transition into sharing a room. I woke up to:

Giggle, giggle, giggle.
Eli: Carson! I'm trying to sleep. I'm really tired.
Carson: Gaaaa. Ya. Ya. Ba Ba.
Eli: Carson. You can't have a ba ba. We have to sleep.
Carson: Ba ba.
Carson starts crying. I go in to give Carson a binky.
Me: Okay Eli, Carson is going to need your help. Can you be a good brother and help him stay happy?
Eli: Okay.
I leave the room. Carson starts crying again.

Carson wasn't amused. The attempted consolations through potty talk continued until we removed Carson from the room to sleep in his pack-n-play for the rest of the night.
Eli has made a new friend in our ward. After watching his new friend stomp out of the middle of Sacrament Meeting because he was having a little bit of a rough day, Eli whispered to Jeff:

Eli: What's he doing?
Jeff: He had to go outside because he was being a little bit noisy.
Eli: Oh! I see it now. He's stomping like a rhino.
We have started this new thing while reading the scriptures where we have magic words. So we will tell Eli to listen for a certain word, and when he hears that word, he is supposed to say, "Scripture Power!" One day the magic word was "Jesus." Eli was running around like a crazy person all through our reading time and I was sure he wasn't listening to anything we were saying. We got to 3 Nephi 28:30 and I read:

Me: And if they shall pray unto the Father in the name of Jesus... 
I paused to let Eli realize he heard the word Jesus and he was supposed to shout "Scripture Power!" He surprised me by instead saying:
Eli: Christ amen.
Before going to Wal-Mart, while putting on his shoes:
Eli: Are these my running shoes?
Me: Yeah, I guess they are.

At Wal-Mart, running away from me:
Me: Eli! Get back here!
Eli, not slowing down at all: But these are my running shoes!

Strictly flip-flops at the grocery store from now on.


Rebecca said...

So funny. I love the things kids say.

Kim said...

My favorite was scripture reading, although they were all great and funny. Thanks for sharing.

LC said...

SO good.

jlthomas said...

Funny! Good ones. The running shoes were very funny.

Kenzman said...

awww this just brightened my whole day. It also confirms my fear that boys start at a very young age to think bodily functions are hilarious to talk about. I may never understand boys...