Thursday, August 01, 2013

Fashionista Part 2

As many of you may recall, I am a self-proclaimed fashionista.
Part of being a fashionista is being a natural in front of the camera.
It was about a year ago that I bought 5 yards of fabric for new curtains in our kitchen. Then I ended up not using the fabric in the kitchen. And it collected dust for a year. Until I thought, "Hey. Why don't I whip myself up a long skirt with all this cute, unused fabric I have lying around?" And so I did.
I introduce you to my amazon-woman-past-the-knee-toddler-friendly-perfectly-long-enough skirt with a crooked hemline. Don't worry. I fixed that up after wearing it to church.
Did you notice the ties there in the front? I was pretty impressed those turned out seamlessly.
"Oh. You like my skirt? Why thank you. I made it myself. I'm sure the uneven hem didn't give it away. What's that? You think I should try out for Project Runway? Okay."
This one's easily the best picture from the photo shoot.
After making one skirt without too much sweat off my back, I noticed more skirt-sized scraps of fabric in my stash. Another skirt was born. Which naturally required a series of late-night mirrored selfies.
This one. Has a zipper. A ZIPPER! I've outdone myself.
I have an addiction folks. No. Not the modeling. I'm not addicted to the modeling. But I am a fan of picking through fabric scraps to create skirts that are FINALLY comfortably, cutely long enough.


Rebecca said...

I love them! I've been dying to make some skirts myself but have just been too lazy. Maybe this will inspire me to do it!

Eric and Justine said...

Love them sarah!

jlthomas said...

Seriously I'm in love!!! Sarah those skirts are darling!!! I never could do this, you've got talent!

David and Mary said...

I love your skirts!