Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Trip Part 1 - Drive and Dive

Since I've spent the majority of today curled up on the couch on the verge of tears fighting back the reality that our week-long Disney vacation is already over, I figured I could ease back into everyday life by reliving the whole experience in blog form.

Ahh. Look at the anticipation. The excitement. The thrill of having only ONE CHAIN LEFT on our Countdown to Disney chain. This was taken in the morning on the day that we left. The boys and I had to wait for what felt like eternities for Jeff to get home from work in the afternoon before we could hit the road.
I was determined to have a successful road trip. Especially on the way to California while my brother was in the car with us. I loaded up a goody basket for the kids full of stickers, snacks, coloring books, movies, a new Hot Wheel car for each boy, some sticky lizards from the dollar store, a pack of airplanes and books about cars and trucks. I also got books on tape, movies and CDs from the library. We were set.
We popped in one of the CDs full of train, dump truck and race car songs, and the boys couldn't refrain from letting the dance moves fly.
Then Eli fell asleep and Carson seized the opportunity to bring us this adorable brotherly moment of hand holding.
Once we reached Provo, we picked up a hitchhiker. At the end of our drive I asked Ben, "Was the car ride better, worse, or about as you expected it to be?" His reply was, "Well. I didn't expect to have a foot in my face the whole time."
Despite the foot-in-face issue, the backseat had fun watching movies...
and snoozing together.
Here we are approaching California after a not so quick stop at In-N-Out. Disneyland here we come!!
We got to the house and we were blown away! It was so much bigger and nicer than we expected it to be! All during the drive I was anticipating a nice, relaxing evening swim in the pool while Jeff and my dad went off to the Dodger's game.
Turns out my kids hate swimming, so I didn't get my visionary night of splashing around in the pool, but it was still so fun to be in the house with everyone soaking up all the pre-Disney excitement.
There was a huge Mickey and Minnie at the house, and Eli so kindly tucked Mickey into bed in the evening.
The boys enjoyed the big TV and comfy couches while the girls ran off to buy groceries. Then it was time to rest up because our first day of Disneyland would meet us in the morning!


jlthomas said...

Can't wait to see how much your boys loved Disney!

Kim said...

This was a great commentary of your car ride to California. Love the three boys in the back seat. Laughed about the foot in the face comment. Love the picture of all the boys watching the movie and then all asleep. So sweet! And I laughed again about Eli putting that huge Mickey to bed at night. I, too, can't wait to see your next post.

LC said...

!!! So excited about this post!!! You write the best stories.