Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disney Trip Part 3 - Beach Babes

Day three we hit Newport Beach to provide Eli and Carson with their first glimpses of the ocean.

Carson was so overcome by the marvelousness of the beach that he couldn't take his eyes off it.
All the cousins! And me.

The water was freeeeeeeeeeeezing. The kids didn't seem to notice though.

Ahhh. I love the beach. And I loved seeing Eli and Carson experience the beach for the first time.

Since the water was so cold, we did a lot of playing in the sand.

Abe and Ben rented boogie boards. I even caught a wave or two. It was a lot of fun.

The weather was perfect. The sky was blue. The sand was soft. It was a dreamy day.

Eli spent hours digging with Spencer.
Carson spent hours splashing with Jeff.

Jacob spent hours working on his tan.
My Mom spent minutes trying to play some beach ping pong game without a table that I don't know the name of. It's pretty apparent why my Mom never liked gym class. Love ya, Mom.
Sibling picture. In mini skirts. Wish we would have gotten a sibling picture with me more clothed. And with makeup on. But this will do.
You thought I was talking about my babies when I titled this post "Beach Babes" didn't you? You were wrong. Look at this bunch of babes I was referring to!
Oh Carson. Don't be so offended. You're a babe, too.
It was a great day. Right up until that moment when Dallas found there were thousands. Nay, millions of tiny little wormy sea bug things squirming just below our feet. One scoop of the sand resulted in wiggly little squiggly clear bugs scurrying out of Dallas's hands. We left quickly after this discovery.
The rest of the day we vegged. We had a nice dinner with the Goldens. Put the kids to bed early. Played a few games and enjoyed Belle's Castle in an effort to be fully rested for day two of Disney!

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Kim said...

You took some awesome pictures at the beach. Love the one of Eli running full speed through the water. Also great picture of your dad and me--and I'm not talking about the athletic one...! Cute commentary of your version of the beach and what happened back at the house afterward. I didn't know you had a chance to play games. Why wasn't that documented in pictures?