Friday, December 06, 2013

Catching Up With Cousins

Newland came to town and all the cousins were eager to see him.

Eli adores Newland. He started showing off for Newland as soon as he got to my parents' house.

Watch out Abe and Klarissa. Looks like you have a binky thief in the making.
This is Eli doing his attention seeking laughing. Putting on a show for his guest.
Love them together.
Newland tried to politely decline Eli's kisses with no luck.
Then Eli slid down the stairs on his belly really fast 5 million times because each time he did it, Newland burst into laughter.

Here's a good portrayal of how hurried Eli was to show off for his cousin.

Then Newland and Carson sized each other up.
And then I took Carson's binky away and he threw a fit. Which Newland was pretty concerned about.
I think by the end of the afternoon they liked each other. But they could still use some work.
We love when Newland comes to town!

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Kim said...

I somehow just barely saw this cousins post. Cute commentary of the boys on the stairs together. So glad Eli loves his cousin so much.