Sunday, December 01, 2013

News from November

The boys both love cars. You already knew this. But they especially love our real, actual, life-size cars. They sneak into the driver's seat every chance they get. And they look cute doing it.
Here's Jeff putting Christmas lights up on our house. My instagram friends were appalled when I announced this year will be the first year my house has Christmas lights on it.
My mom and I met up at Target one day and my mom had Eli pose by all of the red ball decoration things they have right outside the store. Now -- months later -- both boys still insist on posing with those balls before they will go in Target with me.
Eli has always been an independent little guy, but lately he has branched out and started dressing himself. It is so freeing to have a child who can put his own clothes on! Nevermind that he sometimes picks out outfits that don't totally match...I appreciate his self-reliance.
Here we have the goof.
At the beginning of the month we were able to go to Tyler's baptism. I was able to snap a few quick pictures of some of the cousins before the baptism started.

Here are some updates on the kiddos:

  • Eli is now totally and completely 100% potty trained. Yahoo.
  • Eli dresses himself. And refuses to let us help him.
  • He is starting to show interest in the alphabet and knows his colors now.
  • He loves nursery. He's not so sure about this "Primary" scene we keep talking about.
  • He takes naps about every other day or every three days.
  • He still loves cars and only cars. 
  • We've started doing a lot of playdates with friends in the neighborhood. Every morning after Eli eats breakfast he says, "Who are we going to play with today, Mom?" We thrive off playdates.
  • We introduced him to an alphabet computer game. He totally loves it. Eli and Carson sit and do it sometimes when I'm making dinner and they are so cute playing it together.
  • Here are some Eli translations:
    • Oh shoots --> Oh shoot
    • Grills -------> Girls
    • Sher ---------> Her
    • Seminary Truck --> Cement Truck
    • Toodles -----> Tools
    • Stoodles ---->  Stool
    • Curious George -> St. George
Carson updates:
  • He has started talking a lot. He said his first prayer this week and it was adorable.
  • He chipped his two front teeth all up this week. Pictures to come later.
  • He is recovering from his three-month sleep strike. We don't have to lurk in his doorway as much anymore. Though sometimes we do still have to.
  • He is climbing all over things all the time. He gets up on the counter every chance he gets.
  • He loves dogs.
  • He finally likes books! Big victory. But he's very picky about which books he will sit still for.
  • He loves baths. The boys have a bath just about every morning.
  • He LOVES his plasma car bike thing. He's pretty good at it, too!
  • He eats about 2 bananas a day. And would eat 3 if we let him.
  • Anytime he is hungry, he drags a chair over to the pantry, pulls out the peanut butter, brings the peanut butter to me or Jeff, then goes to get a spoon and hands us a spoon. Then he will stare at us with the peanut butter and spoon until we give him a spoonful of peanut butter.
  • He demands to drink out of a "big boy" cup, but he spills the water everywhere when we give him one.
  • He still doesn't really like TV that much.
  • He has started being rebellious at the grocery store. He wants to walk like Eli does.
  • He follows Eli around all day copying everything Eli does.
  • He loves pillows and cuddling and being held. 
  • He's still having a hard time with nursery, but he's doing better.
  • He is still on the binky. And getting more and more addicted every day.

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Rebecca said...

I love the first picture of Carson and his in-tact teeth, and I REALLY love the second picture of Eli at the baptism. His face is hilarious.