Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Makeover

On Saturday my Dad took Jeff golfing and then we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse as a birthday/Mother's Day excuse to dine out. 
 Of course we had to make my Dad ride the saddle.
I informed Jeff earlier in the week that I had instigated a "spending freeze" for us to strictly adhere to through the end of the month. After meal planning on Sunday, I had come up with two weeks' worth of meals, and a lot of them used food in the recipes that would keep through the end of the month (like frozen veggies or canned food). After hearing about a friend who had not used any money for a whole month (other than unavoidable bills and the mortgage payment), I thought it was the perfect chance for us to give it a try.

A mere five days into our spending freeze (that I keep accidentally calling a spending spree), (and I keep accidentally using too many parenthesis,) we were not going to turn down a free meal!
Our spending freeze put Jeff in a bit of a predicament for Mother's Day. My only wish was for him to not spend any money, so he was forced to get creative. He walked upstairs Saturday evening with a can of paint behind his back proclaiming he was going to paint the kitchen for me.

We already had the blue paint because we had painted our other wall the same color with every intention of one day painting the kitchen wall blue as well. I have been heckling Jeff to make my blue kitchen dreams come true at least once a month for the last year, and he seized the perfect opportunity to blue-ify our house.

We didn't have any painter's tape, so I excused Jeff from the spending freeze to go buy some tape. He turned down my offer and instead viewed the tapeless painting as a challenge.
Voila! A beautiful blue kitchen you'd never guess was done without a single inch of tape.
I love it!! Here's a little glimpse at our kitchen transformation over the years.

Our next vision is to get those floors that look like wood but they're not really wood, maybe some sort of backsplash, and in my dreams I imagine granite countertops, but I don't really expect that to happen in this house.


Kim said...

I like seeing the finished project. Way to go Jeff!!! Talk about knowing what gift to give that would make you the most happy! And within your spending freeze as well.

Rebecca said...

The kitchen looks awesome! Way to go!

Melissa Smith said...

Wow! Amazing finished project!!!! So impressed!

Laura said...

I love it! Good luck on your spending freeze.