Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Discovery Museum and Air Show

My sister invited us to go to the Gateway Discovery Museum with her a few weeks ago and we couldn't pass up the opportunity.
Carson put himself in the doghouse pretty quickly after being there.
Eli got straight to the heavy lifting.
Then Carson had to run a few errands.
While Eli had his own errands to run.
On the way out, Carson snatched an ice cream sandwich straight out of a bucket some strange, unknown man was carrying. To which the strange, unknown man graciously let Carson keep his stolen goody, and then he let all the rest of the kids have a treat. See kids. Sometimes stealing pays off.

A few days later, we met up with the Goldens again to go to an air show, though there's not much photographic evidence the Goldens were with us at the Children's Museum, or at the air show. Note to self -- instigate cousin pictures when adventuring with the Golden Crew.
It's safe to say Eli LOVED being up close and personal with the airplanes.
And, much to my surprise, I actually loved it, too. I didn't find the "tour a fighter jet" attractions too appealing, but the actual air show was completely awesome!!
The boys got a little restless/hot/hungry, but it was nothing some snow cones and meeting up with the cousins couldn't fix.
Here's Carson inspecting a rocketing airplane.
This is not the best smoke heart we saw of the day, but it's the only one I caught on film.
Carson attacked Ben as soon as he saw him. And then he continued attacking and licking and kissing and hugging and invading his personal space for the duration of our stay.
Eli and Carson enjoyed Brooke and Caroline's S.W.A.G. (Oh look! Evidence of the Goldens in the stroller in the back. I see a Spencer and a Madison!)

For the entire week after the air show, Carson had a little play phone he loved playing with, and he would always hold it up to his ear and say, "Oh! HIIII BENNNN! How are YOU?!?" Carson LOVES Benj.

It is officially confirmed that air shows are the coolest things ever. I think we may have found a new family tradition!
After the show, we went to our house for pizza and a birthday celebration for Caroline. All the while, my boys doted on Madison, giggling at her every smile or whimper.
Goldens, we'll have to plan another excursion...for the sole purpose of some cousin pictures!

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Rebecca said...

Loved the pictures, even if we're not in them. I was realizing when I did my post about the air show and Caroline's birthday that I didn't get a single shot of you so I guess we're even.