Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ogden River Walk, Gibb's Loop, Millcreek Canyon

You didn't think we'd stopped hiking, did you?!? Our fourth hike was the Ogden River Walk.
It was nice and paved and ran beside a river as the name implies. I had Eli go pose on a bench to take his picture, and then I said, "Carson! Go sit next to Eli for a picture."
By the time Carson got there, Eli had lost interest in the bench and was no where to be seen. The only way I will ever be able to get a brother picture of these two is with the help of photoshop.
The boys do not have the self restraint to walk by a body of water without throwing pebbles into it. Which made walking right next to a river for an hour a slow and pause-filled journey.
Eli has a promising career as a Target Photo Studio employee.
We stumbled upon a few parks along our river walk. So when the river wasn't distracting the boys, the parks were.
Next we went to Gibb's Loop which started by Waterfall Canyon's trailhead.

Carson was particularly ornery on this hike and refused to carry his own weight.
This hike was probably my least favorite other than the one redeeming factor of the bridge across Strong Creek.
Had I not captured this adorable picture of me and Carson, the whole hike would have been a disappointment.
We stayed at my parents' house over the 4th of July, so that weekend we took advantage of being close to Millcreek Canyon and ventured over to a new area to explore.
Long story short, we were supposed to hike with Abe and Klarissa, but I entered an address into Jeff's phone as Tucsan instead of Tuscan and we never did find them after that due to loss of cell service and the enormity of Mill Creek Canyon.
On a 100 degree day, Millcreek Canyon was cool, beautiful, and completely blissful.
This hike is where pebble throwing evolved into boulder lugging. Carson spent the entire hike huffing around with rocks at least this size, just waiting to stumble upon water to chuck them into.

We heart hiking. And selfies.

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Kim said...

The antics of your boys! Eli, the photographer. Pebble throwing. Boulder lugging. Fun commentary. LOVE the picture of you and Jeff at the end!