Sunday, September 28, 2014

School, Cedar City and Making Room for a Sibling

Did I tell you yet that after my rant about being anti-preschool I signed Eli up for preschool? Sue me. 
The thing is, no one from last year's joy school group could do it again this year, so I was suddenly left with a year full of Eli having nothing productive to do. Then my friend told me about this really great lady she takes her kids to, and it's waaaaaaaaaay less expensive than the other preschools I've heard of, so I forked over the cash in the name of sanity and at the expense of my pride.
Eli was super duper excited...the first week. He has since taken a turn for the defiant and refuses to get dressed in the morning. Then refuses to leave the house. Then even goes so far as to throw a tantrum out in front of preschool before going in. When questioning him on why he has started giving us attitude when it comes to his studies, he replied, "It's not fun. There's too much learning."
Somewhere Eli is always happy to go lately is PRIMARY! Especially when he's donning a new matching tie with his brother.
If Eli could have it his way, he'd spend every waking moment quite literally rolling to the rescue in his self proclaimed Bumblebee costume. Bumblebee is a transformer for those of you unfamiliar. And if you're going to be seeing us on Halloween, I suggest you get familiar with Bumblebee the transformer so you can fully appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that I've been putting into a costume for this Transformer obsessed pseudo-bot.
The image of Eli rolling around in a cardboard box is pretty rich, but if you could only hear the noises he makes while in "Bot Mode," you'd be rolling on the floor right along with him (only you'd be rolling due to adoring laughter and not due to a vivid transformer fixated imagination).
Busy season ended! Though we hardly knew it existed. This was by far the best busy season of Jeff's bean counting career. He only had to stay late maybe a week total.
Our game took an interesting turn  when Carson pulled ahead at the end for the win.
In honor of Jeff's end of busy season, we took advantage of his time off by going to visit Cedar City. Jeff's parents had heard about an open house at the local airport where they served a breakfast and let us tour several planes/helicopters and police cars.
There was a lot of sweet hand holding that I couldn't resist capturing whenever I saw it.

The boys waiting their turn to tour one of the smaller airplanes.
Then this face happened.
The boys were in heaven all morning!
We went to a park that afternoon and then we went up the canyon to Woods' Ranch for a little cookout. Leslie, is this where we met Cade? I kept feeling like I was having flashbacks.
It was gorgeous up there with the leaves just starting to turn.

The boys got to take a little ride on the 4-wheelers another day.
And not pictured was our trip to the aquatic center and our visit to Ben and Laura's new house. :( I had too much fun I forgot to snap a few pictures of the cousins!
At the cookout, I requested Jeff buy Cheetos, and that set off an unquenchable craving in me for chips for the whole next week. I went to the store when we got back from Cedar and came home to realize I had gone chip overboard succumbing to my cravings in the store. The funniest thing is I NEVER buy chips. I like them on special occasions, but I never keep them in the house. Pregnancy has changed that for me.
I was in charge of shaving cream Twister for our Young Women class activity last week. I was nervous because I had never done shaving cream Twister before, but it ended up being a lot of fun!
Since we did it at my house, Eli managed to sneak out to the back to basically do the whole activity with us. I will have to pull this idea out again for next summer because Eli thought it was so much fun.
Until the next morning when he had a shaving cream Twister hangover from staying up too late and eating too many treats.
In other news, we stole my parents' old, old bunk bed.
 The boys have successfully fallen asleep in the same room at the same time without too much of a fight for two nights in a row. And Carson's already broken his new mattress in by wetting the bed on night 1, but I think it was just his idea of claiming his territory in his newly shared space.
We're one step closer to being ready for baby #3!


Rebecca said...

I looooove Eli's school pictures and the matching tie picture of the boys. I can't believe Eli is resisting preschool! There's too much learning? That's hilarious. Can't wait to hear his take on real school.

LC said...

YES! that is where we met cade! love. we have a tree there. i
also, i LOVE the bunk beds! brothers and bunkbeds is so dreamy. i'm glad they can sleep in the same room. izzy has asked if she and miles can share a room but i have a feeling that neither of them would ever sleep.
also good idea on the twiste thing!