Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Bump, Two Boys and Some Birds

I meeeeeeeeeeant to post this last week so congratulations are in order to me. I have discovered a way to time travel. We are now traveling back one week to hear yesterday's news. Beginning with my 13 and 14 week pregnancy shots.
Guess what has appeared. A little, itty bitty bump. I got fairly queasy with this pregnancy, but exactly at 14 weeks my queasiness vanished! It was a welcome surprise. My raging appetite has dwindled a little as well. Or I have just adjusted to eating that much and no longer consider it ginormous quantities of food. Yeah that's probably it.
I went to the doctor on Friday (at almost 16 weeks). Everything looked peachy, and I scheduled our big ultrasound on October 16. If you see pigs flying and fat ladies singing on the morning of October 16, the odds are pretty good that #3 is a girl.
We went to the park one evening and Carson said, "Woah, Mom! Have you seen that?!?" I was surprised to see him pointing to a flower instead of a worm.
One evening we went to feed the swarm of ducks.
Shy -- they are not.

Our favorite was the one with the fro-hawk. Do you see the one I'm talking about?
We are lucky we walked away with all our fingers intact.

We have been upping our family scripture study game thanks to a friendly challenge from my brother Jacob. We bought the boys little copies of The Book of Mormon and that did the trick to get them to sit still for scripture reading (for this week anyway).
We've been watching one of Eli's friends once a week. We walk her over to preschool, and Eli and Carson refuse to make the two-minute walk without their backpacks in tow just like their friend.
Carson turned to this page in one of our books and proudly proclaimed, "Nephi builds a...ROCKET SHIP!" No wonder Nephi's brothers made fun of him.
I'll end with this picture I snapped to celebrate Carson's first night of sleeping through the night...without a diaper on! But that celebration deserves its own post, so stay tuned!


Rebecca said...

I don't see a bump!

Kim said...

Love the little boys taking such an interest in scripture reading. Nephi building a rocket ship is hilarious! And the backpack-wearing boys are so cute.

Why do you think you need a baby daughter when you have a son who appreciates the beauty of a flower?