Sunday, November 09, 2014


Would you like to hear how my last doctor's appointment went? I thought so.

They sit me down. Take my blood pressure. Everything checks out. Have me go use the facilities. With Carson in tow. I ask Carson if he also (a month into potty training, hasn't had an accident since his first week of learning to use the bathroom) would like to use the facilities. He said no. We exit.

Carson gets fidgety while we wait for the doctor, so I offer my phone. He accepts. The doctor walks in. Carson stands up and says, "I need to go potty." Just as I'm in the middle of saying, "Do you really need to go right now?" I immediately see it is an urgent matter. 

I jumped off the table thing and...get this...cupped my hands around his leg in an effort to minimize the damage to the carpet. It was very ineffective. The doctor awkwardly still tried to talk to me about my third child. While probably questioning my competence with my current children.

The doctor and I look at each other like, "Ummmmm....what do we do here?" Then the doctor gave me a few paper towels to soak up the puddle on the carpet. Then he tried to reassure me by stating this doctorly take on things, "You know, I used to be really grossed out by urine. Until I discovered it is actually sterile as long as there isn't a bladder infection."

"...Well...Let's hope he doesn't have a bladder infection then." I replied with a bright red face. And then the doctor left the room. And that was my total checkup. But it did provide me with a most embarrassing story to share for years down the road, so I am forever indebted to Carson for that.
What else? You know how there are those things about pregnancy/childbirth that people never tell you about? And then when it happens to you you're like, "Why did no one tell me about this?" I just remembered one of those things as I was cleaning up shattered glass all over my kitchen last week.

Pregnancy makes me SO clumsy! Now, I can't site the science behind the phenomenon, but it's a real thing. In one of my more clumsy days, I dropped a bowl of ravioli all over the floor, then spilled a cup of water all over the table, then splattered a cake mix I was making all over my shirt and then I broke the glass bowl I mixed the cake batter in as I was trying to put the bowl away. This was all in a matter of two hours. It's a joke!

And now you've been warned so you can't say no one told you.
Another weird thing is I have had major restless legs at night. If I go on a walk or workout it's not too bad, but if I don't then my legs go nuts at night.

My heartburn has kind of gone into remission but will flare up about once a week.

I think I've had some minor Braxton Hicks this week for the first time this pregnancy.
He is super active at night! Jeff felt him for the first time at around 20 weeks. It's so fun to be able to feel him often now.

Eli is really excited to have a baby brother. We checked out a book from the library about a  girl whose parents had a baby and she kept saying that babies are the worst. Every time there was any mention of a baby being annoying, Eli would look at me and say, "I love babies!" or laugh and say, "Babies aren't the worst! Babies are cute!" It is going to be so fun to see him with a new baby sibling.

And then there is Carson. Ha. I am just praying Carson is getting the bulk of his crazy twos out right now so that he will be mildly more tame once we throw a third one into the mix. He has his sweet moments with the baby too though. At least once a day he asks if there is a baby in my belly, and then he will request that the baby be named Baby Mario. I fear he may be legitimately mad when he finds out we are not actually naming the baby Mario.

We're so excited to meet #3!


Rebecca said...

You still don't look pregnant! Will you pop already?!

Kim said...

So glad Eli loves babies so much. Think of what a big helper he is going to be when baby #3 appears.