Sunday, November 09, 2014

Painting Pumpkins

"I don't want to deal with the mess of carving pumpkins!" I told myself. "The boys don't know how to use knives (safely), and I just mopped the floor. Let's paint our pumpkins this year." 

And so we did.

And that is when I learned that painting pumpkins does not prevent any of the mess of dealing with a pumpkin related holiday tradition.
So we gave in and sliced the bigger two pumpkins open. Mostly because you can't roast pumpkin seeds if you plan to only paint a pumpkin.
Plus every two-year old deserves the opportunity to dive into a fresh batch of pumpkin guts.

We left the carving to the adult supervision.
With eager minors looking on.
And luckily we had a birthday candle on-hand to see how they glowed once lit.
Then it was my turn to rediscover I lack any sense of artistic ability.
This started as a ghost. Then turned into a spider. Then became a typical jack-o-lantern face, then morphed into a cat. A black cat in the name of Halloween spookiness.

Before we knew it, it was Halloween day. I'll let you guess how long Eli wore the full costume I slaved so many hours over.

Juuuuuuuuuuuust long enough to get this picture taken of him:
And then he ripped it off to go trick-or-treating. I had a feeling that would happen, but I convinced myself the headlights would motivate him to keep the full ensemble on in the dark. Twas not the case. But Carson's costume was a big hit! He even got special treats at some people's houses because he was dressed so cute! I'll take it!


David and Mary said...

It looks like your pumpkins turned out cute! I like your cat.

Kim said...

Your carving skills are very impressive, Sarah. Love the picture of Carson gazing at the glowing pumpkin. Pumpkin carving photos are some of the cutest. So glad you gave in and decided to carve some of your pumpkins.