Monday, December 22, 2014

Did He Just Say?...

Jeff and I were talking about going to get some oranges from a street vendor.
Me: "I really want some of those oranges from the orange man."
Jeff: "Okay. We'll get some."
Me: "If we don't go now I think we'll miss him."
Jeff, "Okay. I'll go right now."
Me: "Alright! Go hunt him down for me!"

The next day this happened:
Eli, "Dad, did you find the orange man?"
Jeff, "No. He wasn't there when I went to find him."
Eli, "Were you going to kill him and take all his oranges?"
Jeff, "WHAT?!? Why do you think I would kill him? We don't kill people!"
Eli, "But you were on a hunt for the orange man."


My favorite quotes from a rant Eli was having because I wouldn't let him play a computer game until after he ate his lunch:

"You're breaking my life and you're breaking everyone else's life."

"I only like you a little bit right now, Mom."


We were going to eat dinner at a restaurant next to JoAnn's Fabric.
Me, "Who wants to go to JoAnn's?!?"
Eli, "That's a girl store that only moms like."


While in Cedar City, talking to Eli after he woke up for the day:
Mary (Jeff's mom), "Eli! Did you sleep good last night?"
Eli, "I had to sleep with my night light on so I wasn't scared."
Mary, "You don't need to be scared at Grandma's house. What were you scared of?"
Eli, "I was scared everything in my room was going to come to life."


Kim said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. It was great to have some humor amidst the surgery recovery nurse duties I have been doing.

jlthomas said...

Do I sense hate letters in your future from Eli?

Rebecca said...

These are cute. I especially love that Eli didn't bat an eye at the idea of killing someone for their oranges. And we can only hope Eli has inherited your special gift of writing hate letters. If ever there was a trait that needs to be passed down, it's that!

Kenzman said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love those little crazy Excell boys!!