Sunday, February 08, 2015

Lincoln Overload

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the last week to give you your Lincoln fill.
We have already caught several smiles from him on camera. This is the first one we got.
This was after he nursed for the first time. We were both pretty excited about it.
They said he breathed easier on his stomach, so we often walked into the nursery and found him in a cute little belly ball.
Jeff is so sweet with our new babies. And with our old babies.

He spent a few days under the lights. My favorite part of this is that they stuck velcro to the sides of his head so those sunglasses would stay over his eyes.
Abe just so happened to come to town the weekend after Lincoln was born, so Lincoln got his first visitors!
Benji stopped by too.
That evening the girls snuck away for a baby visit while the boys stayed home and watched the Super Bowl.
We gave my mom a break from the wilder boys to visit the milder boy.
Looking at that IV still grosses me out. Glad that thing is gone now!

We got to start putting clothes on him once he was about a week old.
Then they put this lovely beanie on his head that stuck to the velcro on his face and kept falling all the way over his eyes.
The NICU is so cute to make the quarantine as friendly as possible. One day we came in and saw they had made him a little banner with his name.

They let us bathe him one night. I was too nervous to scrub him down, so I let Jeff do the dirty work while I took the duty of photographer.
Surprise! One morning before I got a good look at Lincoln for the day, I asked the nurse if they had to feed him through a feeding tube the night before. The nurse said, "No. In fact, we took his feeding tube out last night. And his oxygen!"

It was such an exciting surprise to get to see our little guy's un-tubed face. They said he ripped his oxygen tube out on his own, so they just decided to keep it off. He ended up not needing it the whole night.

He's starting to look like a real newborn! Now he just needs to keep remembering to breathe so he can finally meet his brothers!


Rebecca said...

I love the last picture of you holding Lincoln. You look great!

LC said...

He is so so so sweet. I just love him. He is so dang cute.