Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lincoln's First Week Home

This picture fell between the cracks. We had so much fun having Jeff's parents stay with us for a week. One night we made pizza! And sadly this is the only picture I have documenting David and Mary's stay.
Eli's hair is evidence he didn't lose any sleep worrying about Lincoln in the NICU.
Let's just take a moment to realize his face is barely bigger than my thumb.
Dressing Lincoln is impossible. I rummage through my limited supply of newborn clothes, pick something and think, "Surely this is small enough to fit him!" And then it proves to be way too big for his still tiny frame. Here's one of our better attempts to clothe our babe.
Eli loves tummy time as much as Lincoln does!
Every evening I hold Lincoln just so and imagine him still in my belly. It's crazy that he technically shouldn't even be here yet! He looks teeny tiny to me until I picture him still inside me and then he looks ginormous.
Often when I'm nursing Lincoln I see a little curious hand creeping my way.
Then Carson shyly gives a wave and runs away. I think he's still not sure what to think about this whole baby thing.
I took Lincoln for a little ride to pick Eli up from preschool one day. Eli thought it was so fun having his new brother greet him after school.
His legs! As much as I love his chicken legs, I've been force feeding Lincoln all week in hopes of adding a few fat creases to those thighs. He feels so fragile since he's so skinny!
The boys have still been nothing but angelic with their new brother.

Lincoln's middle name (Blair) comes from my dad's middle name. I always loved his middle name, and I thought Blair sounded perfect with the name Lincoln.
Jeff took the boys to get their hair cut one day while my parents snuck over to see the baby in a nice, quiet house. It was refreshing to relax and dote on baby with the bigger boys out on an excursion.
While Lincoln does occasionally love to be awake for 3-hour chunks at night, he appears to be a good sleeper! I keep remembering that even as a newborn Carson wouldn't sleep for longer than 20 minutes at a time, so it's been a relief to see this boy frequently succumb to some shut-eye.
Having three kids has been a surprisingly easier transition than I thought it would be. Though Jeff is still off work. And I haven't even attempted to go anywhere with all three kids. Especially not by myself. So maybe ask me again in a week when that all changes. But so far we've adjusted seamlessly. I already can't remember life without our newest bundle of adorableness.


Rebecca said...

Those bird legs! They are so scrawny! I'm glad the transition is going so well. That last picture gets me every time I see it - Carson's face is hilarious!

Kim said...

You did a great job catching Carson's wave. I love the pictures of the boys snuggling Lincoln on the bed--especially the one of Eli hugging the baby close to him. So tender and sweet.

I am so glad we decided to sneak a visit to see you and Lincoln. I loved holding him and visiting with you.

Since I didn't comment on the family photos, I will do that now. I love them all as well. I love your boys' beautiful eyes in photos. I think you look especially radiant in the first of the photos of just you and Jeff. What a cute family. I am already looking forward to the Excell family photo for 2015.