Sunday, March 29, 2015

Did He Just Say...?

Carson is entering the phase of saying hilarious things 99% of the time. One day he was intently watching as I prepared to nurse Lincoln before he said with some concern, "Are you going to put Lincoln back in your belly?" 
I bought "The Book With No Pictures" by BJ Novak this week. It is a children's book that is exactly as the name implies. A book with just words. After reading the book -- which is full of silly words -- I asked Eli if he liked the book. He scratched his head for a second and said, "It was kind of weird. I found myself confused."


Eli kind of has the attitude of a thirteen-year-old girl sometimes. One day I made him turn off a computer game so he was mad at me and yelled, "Mom! I don't even know you anymore!"
Eli has a few speech impediments we should probably start getting checked out. Anyway. One of his trouble letters is "R." He pronounces his "R"s as "W"s.

One day in the bath, Eli said to Carson, "This is a wet woad." (meaning wet road.)
Carson looked at Eli and said, "A ret road?" (translating both of his pronounced "W"s as "R"s.)
Carson is our little jokester. He takes everything lightly and loves to make us laugh. One of his favorite games is when we call him silly names. So we'll say something like, "Hey, cutie pants." And he'll say, "I'm not a cutie pants! YOU'RE a cutie pants!" Giggle, giggle.

One day he wasn't eating his lunch and I was trying to get out the door, so I said to him, "Eat your lunch!" to which he said, "I'm not 'your lunch!' YOU'RE 'your lunch!'"

Love my funny bunch of boys!


LC said...

I found myself confused. That is the best! And I loved Carson wondering if you're going to go ahead and put ol' Lincoln back in the belly. Too funny. Miss those cute boys.

Rebecca said...

Ha! These were so cute. Loved the "ret road" and Eli finding himself confused. The pictures were adorable also.