Sunday, March 22, 2015

Six Weeks of Lincoln

I typically love the six week baby milestone. Six weeks seems to be the time newborns start developing a schedule. It seems to be the time they start sleeping slightly longer chunks at night. It seems to be the time when you start getting brave enough to take them out in public. 
Tis not the case for us. Lincoln's developmental schedule is about as whack as this face he's pulling.
I will be completely honest in saying I don't love the newborn stage. I love newborns because they are adorable and cuddly and smell like heaven. However, I am a complete wreck without a reliable schedule and a full night's rest -- both of which are impossible to come by with a new baby.
I feel like Lincoln is in a newborn time warp. He doesn't appear to be getting much bigger, he doesn't appear to be concerned about developing any kind of reliable schedule, and he doesn't give a hoot that it's 2:00 in the morning and he should be sleeping because he has yet to gain any kind of respect for a good night's rest.

So our preemie is acting his gestational age instead of his earthly age which means he's likely giving me 5 extra weeks of living with an unreliable night owl.
But he's tiny and adorable, so I guess I'll forgive him for his immaturity.
Despite the fact that his binky is still half the size of his face, he does seem to be growing at least a little bit. His belly looks a little more circular and frog-like than weeks past.
This is how we spend a lot of our days -- with a mess all over the table, sewing that needs to be done, and a little boy who I can't help but put off all my chores for.
I did have to loosen his carseat straps this week. More evidence of his chunking up.
My mom has had all sorts of teeth problems which is great news for me because her dentist is right across the street from me. Lincoln's enjoyed his grandma bonding time.

And I've enjoyed having someone around willing to snap a few pictures of me and Lincoln.

This is the only picture I took to document the strap Lincoln had to wear on his chest to monitor his heart rate and breathing. We never had any issues and he will officially be monitor free on Monday.
We ventured out to the trampoline one night. It turned out to be a very effective bouncer for Lincoln until we were attacked by beetles and promptly ran back into quarantine.
Lincoln has advanced from preemie to newborn clothes in the past few weeks and we promoted him to size 1 diapers.
Ever the comedian this one.

Last week was really bad as far as him being awake at night. He was awake for about three hours straight at night, and then during the day I would try to keep him awake, and no matter how much I jostled him he was completely out of it.
We're slowly getting him used to being awake with the sun.
Jeff's parents were driving by our house over the weekend, so they stopped by and took us to lunch. It was fun to have them see Lincoln out of the hospital.
This was Lincoln's first public outing, and like a good little boy he slept perfectly through the whole thing!
It's fun to get to know our little Lincoln boy. We sure love him!

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Rebecca said...

"...he's likely giving me 5 extra weeks of living with an unreliable night owl..."

Five weeks is better than the what, three years? that Carson has been giving you so you should count your blessings!

Lincoln is morphing more and more into an Excell. I can't believe he's in size one diapers! And that you've had to adjust car seat straps! He's going to be a teenager before we know it!