Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lincoln's Blessing Day

We blessed our sweet Lincoln on May 3rd. 
Lincoln, you have your Aunt Becky to thank for helping you escape the uncomfortable blessing outfit of years past and supplying you instead with this much more comfortable and much more adorable white ensemble.
True to his mellow personality, he slept perfectly through his whole blessing and gave smiles and giggles to guests at the after party. I am constantly in awe at how chill this little guy is.
Kaelynn helped me get ready for the party by holding Lincoln for me so I could get things set up. Lifesaver!
We gave the Excell cousins instructions to "Sit down for a picture." I guess we should have been a little more clear.
These kids love each other! It is so fun to see them run off together giggling through the house. They have such great friends in their cousins!
My sister and mom came. Along with their respective families. Though the respective families never managed to get pictured. :(  Also not pictured were my grandparents, my Aunt Nani, and my friend Melissa and her family. I should have assigned someone to get pictures of everyone for me!

I had visions of Lincoln's blessing day amid all our NICU-ing that seemed so far off. I'm glad to be on the other end now where the NICU experience is what seems like a distant idea.  We've come a long way!
Jeff gave a beautiful blessing. As usual.
The Excell side was able to stay through the evening.
We aren't able to get together as often as we once did, so it was fun to have this many of us together in one place.
Carson and Tyler spent the evening gaming.
While the rest of us cuddled baby.
Thanks to everyone who came to support us! It was a perfect day. I'm so grateful for this bunch of boys!


Rebecca said...

Such cute Lincoln pictures! I love them! I also love his outfit! It's cuter than I remembered. I'm glad I got to see it on a baby again! (Can't wait for Excell boy #4 to also wear it...?)

Kim said...

I agree about the cute Lincoln pictures. So glad Rebecca came to your rescue for a baby blessing outfit. I love the 6 boys/1 girl cousins photo. And I may be a little partial to the picture of me and my beautiful daughters and my adorable preemie grandson.

It was a fun day for everyone!!