Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Days Part 2

May was crazy rainy this year which left a lot of time for us to be stuck in the house getting creative with our toys. One afternoon Carson found two watches and Mr. Potato Head glasses to accessorize with.
They built an awesome new park by our library, so we had to check it out one morning after story time.
After story time and our park excursion, we went on a walk. The boys insisted on bringing a book each with them on the walk and flipped through the pages while we cruised.
Eli graduated preschool!
The kids did a little performance to show us a few of the things they have learned throughout the year. Eli reluctantly participated in the song and dance.
By the end he warmed up a little bit and finally started getting into it.
Hooray, Eli! We worked hard for that certificate of preschool graduation. Many a morning battling it out to get pants on instead of shorts in the winter. Many a threat to take away computer games if teeth weren't brushed. Many an afternoon begging tightlipped Eli to tell me one single detail of any part of his morning at preschool. Hopefully it will all be worth it come this fall when Eli proves to be 100% prepared for Kindergarten. We can hope anyway.
I caught Eli showing off one skill he learned at preschool one morning with Lincoln -- saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Eli carefully took Lincoln's hand and explained, "Lincoln, you wanna do the Pledge of Allegiance? Okay. It's like a high five to your heart." Then he recited the whole thing, holding Lincoln's hand hostage against his heart.
Lincoln! I've waited so long for you to get that double chin!
Seriously. This baby. I could eat him up I love him so.
The older boys are getting more adventurous in their handling of Lincoln. I have often heard Eli yell from the other room, "Mom! I picked Lincoln up all by myself!" or Carson yell, "He likes me!" while dragging Lincoln across the floor by one foot. Lots of love going on around here. Accompanied by heightened supervision.
With rain beating against the windows one Saturday afternoon, we really had no choice but to turn our living room into an oversized fort. I think Jeff and I may have ended up having more fun with the fort than the kids did.
With all our fort building, dinner came around quickly with nothing on the menu. We decided to hop on over to Olive Garden for some fine dining. The boys were absolute angels. Other than the time Carson slammed the wine glass on the table and shattered it everywhere. Beyond that it was a very pleasant outing.
Lincoln got his first taste of popcorn this month. Okay, not literally, but he has officially been introduced to the beloved Sunday popcorn tradition minus the ingesting it part.
Eli and Carson found gloves one afternoon and spent the rest of the day vehemently battling Dr. Morocco (the bad guy on Rescue Bots).
Lincoln has started grabbing my shirt when I hold him. I unexplainably love when my babies clutch onto my shirt. It feels like a silent request for me to do nothing else with my day but snuggle my little baby. And when the clutch is intact, I can't help but oblige.
Macho, macho man.
Lest you think he's given up his wide array of facial expressions...
You're probably thinking, "Does Sarah just sit around and take pictures of her baby all day?" And to that I say, "Is that so wrong? LOOK AT THIS FACE! I MUST DOCUMENT EVERY MOMENT OF ITS ADORABLENESS!"
I thought I had Lincoln's whole heart, but he is quickly becoming a daddy's boy right before my eyes.

This little bug has (been forced to) become quite fond of the triple stroller.
With Eli free from preschool, the sun shining and Lincoln growing bigger, we're anxious to see what fun things summer will bring!


David and Mary said...

The boys are growing up! Cute post.

Kim said...

It was so fun to see your boys yesterday and see how much Lincoln has grown. Love his cute little baby fists and how he fell asleep while I was holding him. He is such a doll and the other boys looked so grown up with their short hair cuts. Cute family!!!

LC said...

I love Lincoln's life. He is so the third child. Dragged around by his loving older brother. Forced to enjoy life in the triple stroller/bus. He is SO cute. I love his little double chin and leggies. I need to squish him!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm dying at the picture of Carson holding Lincoln while Lincoln is falling to the side, his eyes crazed, seemingly searching for someone to rescue him from his captor.

I was shocked to read you took all the kids to a sit-down restaurant! And even more shocked to hear they were absolute angels! And then shocked but not really that Carson broke a glass. That boy! What did you do?!

The pictures of Lincoln are adorable as always. He just can't take a bad picture.