Sunday, May 29, 2016

St. George Part 3

On Monday morning we met up with my high school friend Ashlee! We each have 3 boys, so we let our kids run wild at the park while we caught up. It was so fun to see her. 
We were going to go to the splash pad with Ashlee, but it was a little too cold in the morning, so we went after lunch instead. Lincoln seemed to regret all the french fries he had for lunch after slipping into his swimsuit. 
Extra fries or not, he's still swimsuit model material. 
We talked about Grandma and Grandpa Excell a lot while we were in St. George because they usually join us for some of our festivities. Eli often requested I take a picture of him to send to Grandma and Grandpa to let them know we were thinking of them. This was one such picture. 

My children aren't typically big performers, but every once in a while Carson will surprise me with a song, dance, or sometimes both. It seemed as though Carson interpreted the rock wall at the splash pad as a stage. He really let loose up there for a minute, putting on quite the variety show until he caught me looking at him and bashfully ran into hiding.
Monday is the night the boys discovered Grandpa's motorcycle helmets. 
They insisted on wearing them for a little stroll around the neighborhood with me that evening. Every time we passed the neighborhood map, we had to stop and decide which way we were headed. 

New rule in the family is it's okay to walk in the middle of the road as long as you have the proper headgear on. Stay tuned for Tuesday's adventures!


Kim said...

I always love pictures of your family on the red rocks of St. George. How sweet you all were thinking of the Excell grandparents while doing so. I'm sure they appreciate seeing the pictures of your cute family.

Kim said...

Also, it was great seeing the picture of you and Ashlee. Love that girl!

David and Mary said...

I loved this post of course! I am so glad the boys thought of us! We miss them! The Splash pad is my favorite SG activity.