Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday in St. George

Our favorite Sunday activity while we're in St. George is to visit the St. George Temple grounds with our kids and reminisce of stories of where it all began. 

The boys always insist on running up the big stairs to touch the doors and I always insist on chasing them up the stairs to get a picture of them. 

We chilled in the lawn for a while.
Gazed at the temple.
And just hung out for a while. 

After the temple, we hopped in the car to go visit new baby Helen!

Laura's family met us there for dinner. Laura set up a photoshoot for Helen while I got a behind-the-scenes shot of her working her magic. 
I always love to get people's perspective on becoming parents for the first time, so it was fun to catch up with Bryan and Celeste and meet the newest member of the family. The kids enjoyed huddling around electronic devices while we discussed the glamours of child birth. 
We said goodbye to everyone and made our way back down to St. George to rest up for another day of fun. 


Kim said...

Great pictures of the family around the temple--especially the boys on the temple steps. Funny, cute brothers.

David and Mary said...

I loved seeing the Temple and your family. It looks like you had a great time. The helmets are a hoot!