Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wild Mouse and Open House

We had plans to go to Lagoon one weekend, so we decided that would be the perfect weekend to list our house and have an open house while we were gone. 
Lagoon was kind of a bust. It was cold. It was rainy. It was one of the first weekends open, so the employees didn't know what the heck they were doing, and there were an alarming number of people there despite the bad weather. It was just overall kind of disappointing. 
The kids still had fun though!
Especially after we busted out the Cheetos. 
Jeff and I were a little distracted anxiously awaiting updates from our real estate agent throughout the day on how the open house was going. This is about the time we found out we already had 2 offers in on our house and the open house was only half over! 

This is the helicopter ride that never ended. The boys were stuck in these helicopters for at least 10 minutes. One of the parents had to go up to the ride attendant to tell them to get the kids off the ride, they had been on it for so long. The ride attendant was completely oblivious and confused to the fact that the ride was going on and on and on. 
The boys love any chance to get behind a wheel. 

As the open house was finishing up, we were anxious to get back to talk to our agent and hear how it went so we made an early exit from the park. 
We had 2 offers in and 2 more expected to come in, with one person who wanted to come back to see the house later that evening. We packed up again and went down to my parents' house to leave the house open to anyone else who may want to re-tour. 

When we got to my parents' house, Lincoln immediately found his favorite decoration. Over the past few months, every time I get to my parents' house, I throw the kids in the house and then unload a bunch of junk from my car while they play inside. Lincoln started using this picture to comfort himself whenever I was busy unloading things in the garage. 
The boys scored some popcorn from Grandpa during our visit. 
Lincoln did his signature "plop" on my mom. Lincoln loves to plop himself onto people. If you're laying on the floor, Lincoln will plop on your head every time. If you're sitting on the couch, he has to plop straight on your lap. He loves to just sit on top of people. It's not really a cuddle. It's not really him wanting you to hold him. It's just that he wants to sit contently on top of someone. 
More plops to reiterate my favorite quirk of his. 

He just loves to be by people, whether it's perched on their lap or scavenging scraps over their shoulder.

By Sunday morning, we had 5 offers in on our house and had to make a decision! It was crazy how fast everything happened and and so rewarding to get such a positive response for our house! My end goal from all the remodeling and perfecting on our home was to get multiple offers and potentially a bidding war, so it was fun to watch the long-awaited process of selling our house finally play out even more successfully than I had hoped for.

We took what would end up being our final Sunday front porch picture in our Clinton home and headed off to church excited from the success of the open house, but sad to face the fact that our time in the ward and neighborhood was now numbered.

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Kim said...

These little boys are so ADORABLE!!! LOVE the first photo of Lincoln carrying around your wedding photo.