Sunday, September 11, 2016

First Day of First Grade

To kick the back to school jitters, we spent the day before school started at a children's museum with my sister. 

While on the topic of cousins, we had cousins over for another date night recently. Legos are a family favorite. 

But babies aren't allowed near the legos. Madison brought a stroller over to keep her occupied, but Lincoln was immediately possessive of it. Thankfully she took to a shopping cart we had, so we lucked out with a happy trade.
Just like that, we had ourselves a first grader! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?!?

Eli was feeling so grown up for his first day of school that he insisted on making his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich to pack for lunch. 
Eli was a little bit nervous on his first day, but mostly excited to see what this first grade business was all about. 

When he got home after his first full day of first grade, he noted that his day was very long. Then he said, "Teacher was trying to give us a headache." Then he paused and said, "But I survived." He has continued surviving and thriving in first grade. 

He's already made 2 friends, and first grade has somehow transformed him into such an appreciative, kind, patient, and mature little boy practically overnight. I feel like he's already experienced the feeling I had when I went away to college and finally realized how awesome my parents were and how much they did for me. He comes home from school so loving and filled with gratitude towards me. It's a side I've never quite seen before!
This is what we do while Eli's gone all day. Carson and Lincoln have discovered they can be buddies. It's been fun to see this new friendship blossom. 
We also find ourselves spending the quiet mornings at the new park down the road with a ZIP LINE that the boys can't get enough of. 
Lincoln prefers the slide. It's fast. And if no one is at the bottom to catch him, he would go flying into rocks, but despite the terror seen in his eyes, this is his favorite attraction at this park. 
Lincoln and Carson both love baths, so we spend every morning with those 2 in the bath while I get ready. Then Lincoln gets his hair done and I say, "Are you cute?" And he makes this face. And I die from his adorableness. 
One day it was nearing the time to go get Eli when Lincoln found some toy glasses. He wore them around the house for a while. 
Then it was time to go. So he wore them around outside for a while. With each phase, I tried to take them off of him lest I would have to carry him around at Eli's school goggled, but he refused to let me take the goggles off.
All the way to the car. He lost them at some point in the car on the way to the school, so Eli was spared the embarrassment of having his brother show up in costume to pick him up, but I was impressed with Lincoln's dedication to the eyewear. 
Here's a picture of the boys on Sunday because you can never have too many pictures of your kids dressed up on your front porch. Am I right, Eli?!?


Rebecca said...

That front porch shot is killing me. Carson tenderly touching Lincoln's shoulder?! I love it!

I can't believe Eli is so kind and loving after school. My children usually fall to pieces and turn into monsters for me. You are lucky!

Goggled Lincoln was also adorable. He's such a cutie.

Kim said...

Goggled Lincoln made me have a belly laugh. It is hilarious he loved to keep them on so long. It reminded me of the goggles your dad got for me to wear as protective goggles at G&K. They looked like swimmer's goggles. Brought back a funny memory of mine while laughing at your little one.

Eli'a school pictures are adorable.

The new park by the house looks like it's a fun one. So glad it got finished at the perfect time for your family to use it the next three years. Well, less than three years now, but who's counting?

LC said...