Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Days of Summer

Any day I get to see one of these two, it's a great day. Seeing both of them at the same time? Best day ever. 

Leslie blessed her new baby, so we went down for the event. And then made Jeff take pictures of us. Holding hands.
I had the itch to get Eli signed up for some sort of something. I have this desire for my kids to have some sort of hobby or activity that they love and can grow and learn how to work hard and see the fruits of their hard work through improvement. I don't care what the heck that hobby or activity is, but I want SOMETHING. I started looking around. I was on the verge of signing Eli up for karate, but my heart wasn't totally in it and it was much more of a financial commitment than the last minute parkour class I found through a Groupon deal. We got a slamming deal for 2 months' worth of parkour, so I signed both boys up to see if it was something we could dive into full force. 
Their class is at a gymnastics gym and we've loved it! Parkour is basically the art of flipping off walls and rolling all over the floor, basically impersonating Spider Man, so they seem to be enjoying themselves. 

The first week we went, the gym was filled with a bunch of teenage boys practicing gymnastics. They were awesome! I always thought gymnastics was more for girls, but there wasn't a single girl in the gym. I think gymnastics might be just the thing I was looking for. We might just have to give it a try after our parkour class is over. 
We spent one evening at Pineview with some friends. We enjoyed bumming rides off the boats and jet skis other people brought when the best we had to offer was...
This inflatable boat that ended up being a total bust. 

One afternoon Eli started picking flowers for me. It melted my heart. 
My heart melted even more when his younger brothers saw his example and also began picking bouquets for their mother. Sweet boys!
We made one more trip into the mountains for a campfire before summer was over. 
I love seeing my boys explore nature. 
We'll end with a cute picture of Lincoln just because!


Rebecca said...

Where did you go for that campfire? Is it Mueller Park? We recently wanted to roast marshmallows so we tried Farmington canyon and had to drive forever up a dirt road and the kids were sure we were about to die. We need to find better options!

Kim said...

You, Leslie and Kenz have always taken the cutest pictures together. In every photo you can certainly tell you three love each other so much and have so much fun together.

...impersonating Spiderman -- hilarious!!

LC said...

I love you! I wish we could see each other every week!

I also love Eli's face in every picture!