Sunday, April 23, 2017

Get to Know Ya Jonah

We've known Jonah for just over a week now and so far all we know about him is he's as sweet as can be!
He sleeps. So that's good.
He frequently interlocks his fingers completely on his own. So that's cute.
He has hair which is my favorite newborn feature.
 That and their tiny toes.
He had a very stinky umbilical cord, but it fell off after only 5 days so we forgave him for that.
He loves the bath and fits oh so perfectly in the bathroom sink.
He's been a dream baby. Hardly cries. Mostly just squeaks if necessary. He's chill. He's happy. He loves being held but doesn't mind not being held. He's nursing great. He's just everything you'd want in a 4th kid! We've loved getting to know him and are eager to learn more about the little guy.

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Kim said...

Baby in the sink is so adorable!!! And Lincoln is a snuggle cutie as well.