Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Baby in a Basket Take 2

When Dallas offered to take newborn pictures of Jonah, I jumped at the chance. The only newborn pictures I've attempted with any of my kids was when my friend Leslie and I once crammed one-month-old-not-really-a-newborn-anymore Eli into an undersized basket and convinced ourselves we were skilled photographers:
That picture is what prompted me to blurt out first thing upon arriving at the Golden's house, "Okay, I don't know much about newborn photography, but I do know babies and baskets don't mix."

Dallas then pointed to a basket he had intended to put my new baby into. I was skeptical, but let him do his thing. 
Leave it to the professionals, folks. 

Here are the highlights of the pictures Dallas took for us. I'm kind of obsessed with all of them!


David and Mary said...

I love the pictures Dallas took! He had beautiful subjects in you and Jonah! I love reading the last 3 posts, it was like a mini novel. So happy that Jeff was able to pull off a birthday, Easter and taking care of the boys! Well, a house full of boys! I am so happy for you and your adventures ahead!

Rebecca said...

I can't stop giggling at the Eli-in-a-basket picture. He looks like a giant!

I love these pictures, too! The pictures make it look like the whole picture session was completely peaceful and effortless! So deceiving!

Kim said...

The first baby in a basket made me laugh as well!! So funny!

But then the next baby in a basket is such a precious photo. Love it!! Dallas really did a nice job. I love the ones of mother and baby. Such a sweet little thing he is and you are so pretty.