Monday, May 01, 2017

Baby in a Basket Take 3

With Jonah potentially being our last baby, I thought he was a good baby to splurge on and subject ourselves to a newborn photo shoot. I had visions of a to-die-for brother picture since I am no longer skilled enough to capture the attention of all my offspring at the same time and had made it 2 weeks postpartum without a single shot of all 4 of my boys. 

Thankfully our outfits came together without a hitch, Jonah slept through the whole shoot, and we got that to-die-for brother picture I didn't really believe was possible. 

Family pictures were a little more dicey. Don't let Lincoln's innocent demeanor fool you. He was running around like a certified crazy person and would barely sit still long enough to be more than a blur in the picture. But somehow he and everyone else looks totally adorable in this picture except for me and my lurking arm. Figures.
I know. This picture isn't helping prove my point that Lincoln was a nut case, but I'll let him fool you with his sweet smile.
 The older boys were bribed with Legos.

Jonah was bribed with a space heater set to 85-degrees.

I think this one is my favorite shot.

I was busy chasing around other boys (think Lincoln), so I didn't notice when the photographer zero-ed in on Jonah's ear. I laughed out loud when I found this gem mingled in with all the rest of our sweet newborn shots.

Jonah's ear. Jonah's ears are weird. I know it. He probably knows it. We all know it. We're told it was just folded up weird in the womb and it will sort itself out over time. The bottom of it is currently constantly folded up and doesn't exactly scream "Hey, I need a close up shot of me!" when I look at it.

Also I trimmed Jonah's hair around his ears that morning and turns out the cut was a little choppy. So way to capture all our insecurities in this one shot, photog.

Here's the time the photographer told me to kiss Jonah...'s nose. I started going in for a kiss on the forehead (this seemed natural to me), and then she threw in the nose part. So I swooped him up further to reach his nose and felt awkward through the rest of the process. It turned out...okay? I think a forehead kiss would have been cuter but here we are.

And then this. The folded ear again in action. Also Jeff thinks it looks like we are being handed the baby from heaven or something. It's like alllllllllmost cute but mostly cheesy and a little too ear foldy.
Look who finally pulled it together. Me. Too bad by this time everyone else was D-O-N-E with picture taking and the bribes have lost their appeal.

We love our Jonah man! He's so sweet, fits right in, and he's the best excuse to get everyone in color coordinated outfits.


Kim said...


Knowing your boys' personalities, it is fun to see them in the pictures. Of course there had to be a Lincoln thumb sucking one or it just wouldn't be Lincoln. I like his arm linked through Eli's.

Cute little boys you have given birth to and are raising. Nice job, mama!!

LC said...

Your lurking arm 😂
I love these photos.

Rebecca said...

I'm getting caught up with my blog reading and this was just a gem. I would like to know more about the word "potentially" you used in the first sentence...